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February 6th, 2014  

Topic: Founder Of Miltary Humor Group

Good evening! I am the founder of the group Military Humor And More. I actually stumbled on this site by mistake as I was looking for some more humor for my site. I will take some time to check your group out. I would also like to welcome all former and active duty Veterans to my group as well. We are a closed group. All posts and memberships are approved by either myself or 1 of my 4 admin's. We do not allow any unedited profanity, politics or harrassment of any members including myself. Becoming a member in my group means you agree to abide by all the rules or you will be subjected to being banned. Currently there are over 4,000 members. As we are a family pro-military group, certain guide lines must be adhered to as we never know if our grandchildren will be reading as well. Our link
February 6th, 2014  
Cne C
chance does not exist, you're welcome
March 2nd, 2014  
Welcome to the forum. Perhaps you can send some of your unacceptable, banned material over here, JK.
March 2nd, 2014  
March 2nd, 2014  
March 2nd, 2014  
Smells musty in here...
April 19th, 2014  
Team Infidel
April 21st, 2014  
Welcome to IMF.

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