Florida's Boca Raton Cadets come to the Rescue Part 2

September 12th, 2004  

Topic: Florida's Boca Raton Cadets come to the Rescue Part 2

Civil Air Patrol Boca Raton Composite Squadron Cadets to the Rescue of Local Senior Citizens - Thursday, September 9, 2004

Boca Raton Cadets come to the rescue delivering MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) to senior citizens of Lake Delray Apartments, many of them shut ins. The 650 plus residents have been without power going on 6 days now, totally disabling elevators in the 5 story buildings of this elderly apartment complex. On Thursday, September 9th, Civil Air Patrol cadets were assigned by the United Way South Country Disaster Distribution site to bring meals to these desperate people. Cadet Captains Christopher Rusciano and Christopher Ziebarth worked with Florida Representative Hasner to unload the Mae Volen Van packed with food. Representative Hasner recognized these two remarkable young men from when he spoke at their officer induction, Civil Air Patrolís Mitchell Award Ceremony in July 2003.

Cadets Airman Josh Klein and Chief Master Sergeant Christina Zarrilli lugged the food boxes up 5 flights of stairs and went door-to-door handing out meals. Several residents wept in their arms, as they have been unable to get down the stairs to get food. Harold Ginn, the manager of this low-income senior housing center, said, "These people are trapped when the elevator goes out. Many are in wheel chairs, use walker or canes and have multiple health issues. The Civil Air Patrol delivery of food is a matter of survival. People could literally die here without this valuable food." In fact these two cadets learned that to be the truth. One wheel chair bound woman, answered the door, crying she needed oxygen as she was on her last tank and phones were out so she couldn't call anyone. C/Airman Klein calmed her down, while C/Chief Master Sergeant Zarrilli secured a cell phone. The medical company assured her that oxygen would be there ASAP.

After two days, one loading ice as area residents drove up to the the United Way distribution center and the other day, hauling food up and down stairs, knocking on over 400 apartment doors, the Boca Raton Composite Squadron Cadets were exhausted. The squadronís first sergeant, Chief Master Sergeant Christina Zarrilli, summed up the experience saying, "I was truly touched by how grateful these people were. I saw first hand how important Civil Air Patrol's mission to perform Emergency Service is the country and our own state."

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Jackie Zarrilli, 1st Lt, CAP
Boca Raton Composite Squadron PAO
September 12th, 2004  
Good work!
September 12th, 2004  
That truely merits gratitude.
September 12th, 2004  
That's impressive.
September 13th, 2004  
It is safe to say I am personal friends with C/CMSgt Christina Zarrilli and I am proud of her and her squadron for their response to the disaster.
September 15th, 2004  
Wow! Tell her that Golden Eagle (well, the 2 of us that can respond right now ... i think) would be glad to lend their services, and to just give me a call, and I'll forward any needs!