First World War Artillery shell fuzes. Advice needed please.

August 4th, 2006  

Topic: First World War Artillery shell fuzes. Advice needed please.

Can someone out there help me with some information on First World War artillery shell fuzes, please?
Specifically, I'm looking to find out how the "Fuze Time and Percussion No. 80" was set. It was the most common standard issue fuze for shrapnel shells (among other shells and fuzes) in WW1 to the British Army.
I know how it was adjusted from reading it it books, etc but how was the setting ring actually locked in place after the time was set in order to stop the shells fuze changing its setting when fired? There is a screw threaded in to the side of the setting ring but it doesn't go through to a point where it can lock the ring in place.

Just asking coz I've got a few of these fuzes from detonated shells (ones that have gone off- the fuzes are in surprisingly excellent condition) that I found on the Somme and I've cleaned them all up and taken them all apart and sawn a couple in half (cross section) and put them back together and the only bit I can't work out is how they used to lock the setting ring in place. They work perfectly now apart from that

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