Firearms Advisors (Required)

Firearms Advisors (Required)
March 22nd, 2006  

Topic: Firearms Advisors (Required)

Firearms Advisors (Required)
Hello all, my name is Rick and I'm part of a team working on a free modification of a well known computer game engine, creating a game that depicts modern day combat accurately, focusing mainly on small rather than large units (6 - 8 men per team).

Right now we have got to the point of animating the weapons for use in the game, however we are looking to get advice from those who have been trained with, and used in active duty any number of firearms from around the world. For the time being we are concentrating on the very basics, with the idea to add more weapons as development time continues.

To clarify my request, we require one or more person(s) to peruse screenshots of the weapons being held, and to advise on the correct hand position, the reloading proceedure, etc. Of course everyone has their own way of holding and reloading a weapon but we're looking for the most technically accurate way there is, and taking into account the stresses of combat.

Would anyone consider themselves qualified, and/or willing?
March 23rd, 2006  
I have used the 9mm, the M16A2, the M79, and the M203. I am sure there are those in this forum that will have used them in training and in combat. Not to mention they will have used a more diverse set of weaponry as well.

Would you please make an introduction post in the Welcome Center forum?
March 26th, 2006  
Sorry, can't help you. You'd have to go through the proper channels like all of the other game developers do, only then are we allowed to give input on games and such in an offical manner. To do what you want, you'd have to take snapshots of guys during live fires, take notes, look over pictures etc. To be as accurate as some of the other developers, I mean. You'd need the visuals. You can always Google some military images from the current conflict or from dog and pony shows and go from there.

What's the name of the game, anyway?
Firearms Advisors (Required)
March 27th, 2006  
I might be able to help.

I'm prior service with the US Army, former/inactive gun smith, and a police officer in training.

I've fired and serviced just about anything and everything on the market today.
AR-15 Series
AK Series
Walther PP, PPK, PPK/S
Walther P99
Walther P88
Walther P38
Mauser M2
Mauser 98 Series
SKS Carbine
M1 Garand
M1 carbine
Desert Egale
Remington 870
Mossberg 590
Benelli M1 Super 90
Benelli Nove
Benelli M3
Benelli M4
Benelli R1
Beretta 92/96
Beretta CX4
CZ 52 (Pistol and Rifle)
CZ 58
CZ 75
H&K USP Series
Sig Sauer
Browning Hi Power
Ruger P Series
and so on and so forth...

Too many for me to list