Financial help for a friend

July 11th, 2005  

Topic: Financial help for a friend


I know someone that is in the US Army and is in debt. I was wondering if there are any Military programs to help him get out of debt.
July 11th, 2005  
He/She needs to talk to their chain of command and he/she will be pointed in the right direction.
July 11th, 2005  
credit card problem?

maybe watch TV and there are some orgnizations help people to reduce the pressure of credit card debt.
July 11th, 2005  
Sometimes using those companies is not the best idea as you have to pay them and increase your debt whilst not really reducing it. Know some people in the past who went to one of those companies and never will go there again.
July 12th, 2005  
Duty Honor Country
There be a lot of stuff for your friend to do.

First off, he must tell his chain of command ASAP. Army leaders will always be a bit more willing to help if the problem is made known by the soldier. If a bill collector calls the CO or 1SG and no one knows about the debt, things tend to get hairy.

Army Emergency Relief will provide immediate help in the form of a loan if things are really bad.

I know there is a good amount of counseling the army offers for debt problems.

SGT Doody's take

I have been in the Army a while and seen soldier royally screw up their finances. Your friend may likely be suffering spending way too much. I watch soldiers blow their paychecks to the point where they cannot pay for a $50 piece of equipment that someone stole from them.

If your friend is driving around a $18,000 pimped out ride financed at 19.99% APR, that may be the problem. Check cashing places kill soldiers paychecks. There are way too many places willing to finance for "AE-1 and up." Then there are the credit cards. SOldiers also like to drink and eat their money. I have whitnessed all of the above and then some in the Army.

Your friend needs to be willing to make some changes and sacrifices to get out of debt. You cannot help the unwilling. Also, he MUST change. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

I hope this helps a bit. I am sorry if I came at you a bit strong. This is a touchy subject for me because I kinda care for soldiers. Most of them are too stupid to actually listen to what I have to say.

SGT Doody
July 12th, 2005  
tell your friend to ask for his Financial NCO, like everyone else said earlier.