January 18th, 2015  

Topic: Finally!

[ame=""]'The Expanse' Trailer | Coming In 2015 | Syfy - YouTube[/ame]

A space opera TV show! Does it look like typical cheap Syfy crap or do you think it could be our generation's Battlestar Galactica/Babylon 5/Firefly? I think it is great we are finally getting a TV show that involves spaceships. Hopefully they won't screw this up. They have the writers behind Iron Man and Children of Men.
January 18th, 2015  
-- Dusty
Yeah. The same people that talk about how society is too violent because of the 2nd Amendment and what kind of shows do they produce? Shows where it's kill kill kill.

Not for me.

/end rant
April 26th, 2015  
Isn't the sci fi genre getting too dark? What happened to idealistic heroes? Why all the anti heroes?

Paragon FTW!

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