Filling space in a boot - Page 2

August 21st, 2015  
Petroleum jelly...if you're gonna do a long march and you are worried about sliding until your feet swell then put petroleum jelly on your feet with panty hose over them. Then wear a regular wool boot sock over that and your feet will be blister free...if a bit soggy. NOTE: don't do this if you are doing field work! It is only to be used for suck marches...(plus if you keep the petroleum jelly with you then it is also useful for the inside of thighs, nether regions, and the buttocks as well) me, dried sweat, raw flesh, and nether regions are all recipes for terrible discomfort!
August 25th, 2015  
I bought insoles for my boots and I've gotta say they feel amazing. They are now snug on my feet the way they were supposed to be from the beginning although not too snug. No sliding around in them and no extra room. Theres also significantly less toe room. brinktk I think I'll be adding a jar of petroleum jelly to my ruck

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