fighting an entry level seperation-RE-4

November 2nd, 2008  

Topic: fighting an entry level seperation-RE-4

I enlisted in the Navy a year ago or so and was discharged in boot camp with an entry level seperation RE-4. I know that it's possible to fight it, and I know about what I would need to get to prove the discharge code wrong, and that's not my issue. My issue is I really have no clue on how to get the petition form, the process on this, or anything else. I would be more than happy to disclose further details in a more private conversation, but I do not feel comfortable discussing the details for all eyes to see. If anyone out there has any advice at all (constructive) Then I would thrilled.
December 3rd, 2008  
Well dude, i dont know the 1st thing about an RE-4 or the process. But i do have some advice. Go into a local recruiting office and spill your guts man. See if they can help you face to face. Its much easier this way. Also anther way is a virtual recruiter. Email a recruiter and tell he/she whats up so they can help you get what you need to join. Recruiters for the most part really want to help, and as an added bonus they get another one in, but they cant help you if they dont know you exist.
December 3rd, 2008  
A Can of Man
No, don't do it over email. That stuff gets logged and if you say the wrong thing, it's there forever for them to dig up.
December 5th, 2008  
Agree with 13th RN on this setup an appontment to talk but don;t disclose details. Take Meyers advice and talk to a recruiter in person. They should have the knowledge base to help you, chances are they have seen this before. If you don;t get any where with the recruiter they try congressional. Make you public servants work for a change.

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