Ferguson police chief to resign later Wednesday: Fox News

March 11th, 2015  
News Manager

Topic: Ferguson police chief to resign later Wednesday: Fox News

(Reuters) - The police chief of Ferguson, Missouri, will resign later on Wednesday, Fox News reported, citing police sources. CNN, meanwhile, reported Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson has indicated he is willing to step down but first wants to ensure that the police department stays in place and is not dissolved. Fox said Chief Tom Jackson was not pushed out or fired. Protesters have called for his removal since the shooting of an unarmed black teenager last summer, which led to a Justice Department probe that found his department followed racially biased practices.

March 12th, 2015  
Everybody should resign let the blacks handle it , couple months ago NYPD faced a crack down over I can't breath Garner , what did the Cops do ? they quit making arrests the crack down lasted a week or 10 days then people mostly the same people wanted the Cops back on the job .

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