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February 15th, 2009  

Topic: Fennek / German-Army

The fennek ist a new light-armoured vehicle :



The outstanding mobility of the FENNEK in open terrain and on roads – with a range of almost 1000 kilometers – is due to its state-of-the-art engine technology. The engine is supplemented by automatic transmission and a transfer unit. The selectable all-wheel drive operates via an H-layout of the drive train enabling a low design. Together with the low center of gravity and the broad track width this assures high mobility also in rough terrains. With a total weight of up to eleven tons, the FENNEK easily negotiates 60% forward slopes and 35% side slopes. It has a turning circle of less than 13 meters and can ford water more than a meter deep. The automatic tire inflation system allows for continuous adaption of the vehicle to all terrain conditions. The FENNEK also has a cable winch with a traction force of ten tons, to recover itself or another vehicle.

The FENNEK offers protection from hand-held weapons and from mines. Exchangeable add-on armor modules make it possible to increase the protection level. NBC protection in conjunction with a compartment cooling system protects the crew inside the vehicle from contamination. A fire detection system located in the engine compartment gives the crew an acoustic fire warning. A fire extinguishing system can be easily integrated. The FENNEK can also be concealed from the enemy by using the integrated smoke screen system.

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February 18th, 2009  
I want one for weekend rides!!!
February 18th, 2009  
I second that one!!!
February 19th, 2009  
Cne C
Very nice vehicle, but I suppose it's very hard to drive in town... and my garage is too small

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