Favorites once again...

October 3rd, 2011  

Topic: Favorites once again...

Also wondered professional opinions of this question of mine...

5.56x45 VS. 5.45x39

Whats any opinions on these two rounds?
November 11th, 2013  
I have shot a lot of game with both .222 and .223 up to 180 lb or so deer. With hollow point or soft point ammo they kill like a bolt of lightning. Never took a shot over 200 meters, though. Never lost a deer or even had one take more than a couple steps. My favorite round, believe it or not, 52 grain Sierra match king HP boat tail loaded to no more than 3,100 fps muzzle velocity. A deer shot in the heart area would have the bullet disintergrate and leave a 1 foot dia pattern on the opposite ribcage of fine copper and lead particles. I hunted with guys that were used to shooting deer with 30-06 and were amazed how quickly it killed. So, yes, I'm pretty amazed how well it does on an animal the size of a man= 180 lbs. No experience with the Russian round.

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