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November 14th, 2016  
Scipio Africanis
November 22nd, 2016  
Joshua Chamberlain 20 th Maine US Civil War.
December 5th, 2016  
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So, by what you've said, there is no great reason to be impressed with Rommel or Guderian.

Lots of military leaders concieved of Blitzkrieg, but Guderian DID IT. He started out with dummy tanks, many of which had no engines. From 1933-1939 he was able to get some very good training done.

Lidell Hart and De Gaulle also concieved of massing tanks if memory serves.

I am of the opinion that while a very good commander Guderian was the writer of his own history and as such made himself out to be far better than he actually was.

If you want to pat any Germans on the back for Blitzkrieg you have to look back to the reconstruction of the German military in the early 1920s, to men like General Hans von Seeckt, armour tactician Ernst Volckheim and air tactician Helmut Wilberg who essentially laid the foundations of the Wehrmacht and combined operations through to the end of WW2.

As for my favourite General I will pick a Kiwi in the form of major general Howard Karl Kippenberger, he served in WW1 as an under-aged soldier and led elements of the New Zealand 2nd Division during WW2 until he lost both his feet at Monte Cassino...

Howard Kippenberger was New Zealand’s most popular military commander, and perhaps its most talented. He was of average height and rather slight in build and gave the impression of being wiry.

Charles Upham said he had ‘a keen, alert look about him’, while another soldier said that he had ‘steely eyes’ that ‘bloody near looked into your soul’. No other New Zealand commander inspired such loyalty and devotion from those who served with him.
In September 1943 Driver A. O. Eyles composed a military march he named ‘Kippenberger’. On Anzac Day 1983, in Christchurch cathedral, a brass plaque in honour of Kippenberger was unveiled and dedicated by returned servicemen and women of the Canterbury province: ‘ “Kip” was the most respected man in the New Zealand Army … He had a phenomenal memory for names and faces, he was no man to insist on rank, and his very manner of speech seemed to the Kiwis to be absolutely right’.
February 22nd, 2017  
I love this person as a great Military leader (356 – 323 BC) As King of Macedonia, he established an Empire from the Ionian Sea to the Himalayas in India. Alexander the Great remained undefeated in battle.