Fatherland: Robert Harris

February 3rd, 2012  

Topic: Fatherland: Robert Harris

I saw the film "Fatherland" with Rutger Hauer and Miranda Richardson some years ago.
Its a "what if Germany had won WWII" story.
Germany had won. They covered up the Hollocaust, England and her Empire were gone or part of the Reich and Joseph Kennedy was president of the USA.
A reporter and police officer were following a case leading to the uncovering of the whole story of the Hollocaust, and the story is how the facts come out.
The film was fairly reasonable, but I've just read the book it was based on.
A highly reccomended read.
An interesting twist on history.
February 5th, 2012  
I'll second that. I liked the movie well enough but really enjoyed the book.

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