Fate of realistic Combat Flight Sims?

September 16th, 2012  

Topic: Fate of realistic Combat Flight Sims?

Back then, it was Microprose that came up with realistic combat sims, F-19, F-117, Gunship2000 and F-15 Strike Eagle 1/2/3, ended with Fleet Defender Gold (F-14). Spectrum Holobyte with its Falcon 3.0 while Velocity with Jetfighter 2.

In the late 90's, we have Novalogic with Commanche, F-16, Mig-29, F-22, Abram, etc while EA came up with Jane's chopper, aircraft and submarine warfare games. Best games from Jane's was USNF, ATF and Fighters Anthology with best re-playability and ended with IAF and USAF. Origin's Strike Commander seems great.

SSI Su-27 series and eventually UbiSoft Lock-On, it seems to have reached dead end due to low profit. I hope they would come up with proper replacement with added realism in graphics and gameplay with option to make it more user friendly to fly. I suggest to have these games, with today's tech they should be able to add way more function, real world AI, etc:

1) Strike Commander replacement with funds management and aircraft purchase, imagine we run mercenary air force paid by warring states, where we get to choose the deal. Make the weapons slightly more realistic at least.

2) Fighters Anthology replacement with more realistic weapons range and effectiveness. To add more fun, include F-23 and F-32 if the Congress decided to get them into service alongside F-22 and F-35 in what if scenario.

3) Gunship2000, get to fly for US, Russia, Korea, Iran, EU factions? We prefer variety of choppers to fly, not just AH-64 alone. Must include Commanche.

4) Tank simulation, it is best to have it in games like Battlefield or equivalent.

Not to forget, new space combat sims and strategy games too. The HW/SW today should be able to support way better gameplay than back then. Post your suggestions here as well. Hope some gamemaker would get feedback from us and bring back great games for us. No Ace Combat please!!
September 18th, 2012  
I would buy this game if you made it, but I don't think that I could afford a PC to run it. In all seriousness though, it's a good idea, no one has put it in to practice yet. In the mean time, I would recommend Arma 3 because right now it is the most realistic military sim available.
September 18th, 2012  
Hi HindStrike,

Thanks for replying. PC especially normal desktop with lower level brands (not DELL, HP, IBM) you could easily get good ones, either Pentium or AMD high end processor, up to you. Saint's Row the 3rd and GTA5/6, even the Sims 3 have much AI and functions, our common up to date low to mid end desktop could still run these games well. Aircraft sims with great graphics and add whatever AI you put in, it will still require less resources than SRT3 and GTA5/6.

ARMA 2 seems awful to me, I rated it worse than the old Flashpoint. The aircraft and chopper control, HUD, MFDs are terribly done. ARMA 3, I can't comment so far. Battlefield 3 seems to be better.

Back to topic. Since EA bought Origin and Jane's together with their rich resources, they could actually create 1 great game engine platform to support few different combat sims scheduled to release at different timing to rake in the required minimum profit. Example, Strike Commander 2013, Fighters Anthology 2013, Gunship 2013 and even naval combat sims example Modern Battle of The Sea that would share the same platform since they could re-use the aircraft, chopper, ships, subs and the missiles. All they need is to create different storyline, control and plot.

Talking about return on capital, there will always be thousands of military enthusiast customers from all over the world that would buy them. It might end up raking in even more revenue than sports games as people are already used to such games and they face stiff competition from other gamemakers that come up with similar games. EA Battlefield 3 is no match against Activision MW3. So why not they venture into something new to make money instead?
September 18th, 2012  
EA Strike Commander 2013:

Set in realistic fictional not too distant future, sequel to the good old Strike Commander, resume the role of Commander of the Wildcats mercenary. Walk around the base in GTA style with great graphics with access to the barrack, the hanger, the office and to drive to Selim club in Istanbul Turkey in Hummer (replacing the Willis Jeep) to secure deals from diplomats looking for mercenary pilots.

South America, Arabs, Asia, etc hired by countries at war. Fly air to air and air to ground sorties against opposing air forces and rival mercenaries such as the Jackals for bounty. Access the ledger to purchase multi-role fighters and ordnance. F-16E, F/A-18E, F-15E/SE, EF2000, Rafale, Su-27SM3, Su-30MK, Su-35BM, Mig-29SMT and Mig-35 with US/EU/Russia armament as option.

Earn profit through mission accomplishment and bear losses from every aircraft shot down and weapons fired.Nice.

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