F-35 Martin after F-16 retired? Then more jets.

November 9th, 2014  

Topic: F-35 Martin after F-16 retired? Then more jets.

F-16 Falcon begin like one off the best Fighter Jets in modern history but not best. Thunder Strike, Rafale and Sukhoi Su-35 och Pak-50 is all ready better then F-16 then Jas Gripen's newest E/F in year 2013-2018 they gonna bild at least 400 planes how gonna have bring to other countries outside Sweden.

Thailand, Suiss, Brazil, South Africa and maybe UK and Argentina then I don't know in Europe.

At least 400 Gripen E/F and maybe 70 to Sweden. Maybe 100 to Brazil is all ready deal done 2013 or 2011.

United States gonna build many F-35 after F-16 retired. 700-1000 pers.

United States all ready have 2000+ Raptors.

And new planes like Super Hornets after 2015. 300-500 I believe to USA.

Around 3500 air crafts in USA in future to.

November 9th, 2014  
Danmark gonna bring in 17 planes of this F-35 and that's all planes they have in future to. No Typhoon and no Super-Jas Gripen i'm sure.
November 10th, 2014  
I read somewhere that a F-35 actually flew , I don't remember the article .
November 10th, 2014  
Originally Posted by tetvet
I read somewhere that a F-35 actually flew , I don't remember the article .
This topic was covered in another tread

U.S. grounds entire F-35 fleet pending engine inspections
November 10th, 2014  
USA, Australia and Danmark all ready deal done with F-35 Joint Strike.

Done deal with Norway. Around 50 F-35 to Norway how are like USA many aircraft in small size.

Even if USA har more than 1.2 million troops in first size theres many fighter jets in USA.

Russia have 700-1300 attack plane.
November 11th, 2014  
Many F-35 planes to Australia? Over 60 or what?
November 12th, 2014  
F-35 Joint Strike to Norway, Danmark and maybe Finland and i chat with a swedish army interesting human and he will to bring maximum 30 F-35 to defence but in future it been 70 Gripen E/F.

This four:

Norway - 24450 soldiers and seaman. Next year.
Sweden - 20350. This year.
Danmark - 13400 soldiers. This year.
Finland - 8200 soldiers and seman. This year.

Biggest armies here side Sweden.

UK maybe buy 50 Gripen NG in future then 87 Eurofighter and 150 F-35 it's 287 air planes in brittish defence. Better an Germany haves 190 air planes today but in future it's almost 120 or 130 of total 265 planes in Luftwaffe with attack helicopter, transport air plane and helicopters. 265 planes in Luftwaffe on gonna in Germany.
November 25th, 2014  
In USA today it's 2300 attack air craft how bring up to 1400-2000 Raptors then 500 new Super Hornets and 700 new F-35. 2600-3200 totally attack air craft. Is that to manny for USA or what did the americans say about in this forum? Did USA need Air craft planes in future war?
I didn't what the americans have as favorite with Air Force. 1-4 place of 10, 11 or 12 typs.
I believing 1700 Raptors, 500 Super Hornets and 800 F-35 now.
Total: 3000 attack planes.
November 27th, 2014  

Rafale B is like this:

With one or tre bombs in centrum then 2 or 4 missiles at two wings.

Gripen C/D.

I don't like Gripen NG.
November 27th, 2014  

Gripen C/D from Sweden.

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