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Expensive Jet Setter
January 29th, 2015  
Expensive Jet Setter
Who use to pay for for this before Obama took office, was he the first one to use a Airforce 1 Presidental Jet.
January 31st, 2015  
Originally Posted by tetvet
Mr. Obama our first Afro American Negro Black Person of Color President is an expensive man to have around a DC Watchdog group has demanded to know just how expensive Obama is so far no response from the White House , we do know that Air Force 1 is part of the Air Force budget and the Secret Service is part of the Treasury budget but just who the hell is paying for all this ? or maybe the better question to ask is why in the hell is anyone paying for all this ? .
Cedric The Entertainer says... "y'all movin' to the moon..damn it we comin' to the moon..we'll be right behind y'all with space shuttles with Cadillac grills".....


watch out tetwet.....
February 1st, 2015  
If this fool is an entertainer then you Sara are entertaining , but all I see is the fool .
Expensive Jet Setter

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