Everthing We Had - Page 2

October 7th, 2014  
The Highway Man
I have never seen active combat in Afghanistan/Iraq, I was in the Falklands during GW1. The only war I have been involved in is the war against terrorists on home soil and abroad. 7 years serving whilst the ever present threat of PIRA made for some interesting duties. Being Royal Military Police, I had more than my fair share of attending terrorist incidents involving military fatalities!
October 8th, 2014  
Perhaps the interest in these stories in Denmark is connected with the fact that Danish soldiers have not been in full-scale war since 1864. There are often articles in newspapers and magazines, as well as documentaries on the TV. I see a great openness from the veterans, and also a genuine interest from the general public. The Danes are beginning to understand what it means to be a belligerent nation.