EU, EMU and other side of Europe and world

July 8th, 2013  
No new war in Middle East, Europe or Asia when EU come in fact at 1960-2000. Russia do nothing against Finland, Estland, Latvia and Litauen. I mean today. But in Belarus they have missiles, helicopters, marine and other war plane and soon they will send soldiers to Belarus.

They won't attack Sweden, Poland or Germany? Or the orthodox side of EU in eastern Europe.

It's Sweden they take. The home grounds will face off 60000 soldiers from Russia. Two friends or enemies in whole 20-century.

United Kingdom, Sweden and Denmark never to have in countries when they shopping or buy other things or pendle to another countries with many money inside.

Croatia is latest member state in EU and Albania and Kosovo or Switzerland can where land number 29 and 30 in the Union. Today it is 28 with Croatia how for one week ago goes into a partnership of EU.

Maybe UK will go out of EU in voiting of Yes or No to EU in 2015.