Elephants Goes on Rampage for Beer

Elephants Goes on Rampage for Beer
March 14th, 2005  

Topic: Elephants Goes on Rampage for Beer

Elephants Goes on Rampage for Beer

Dunno if i sould laugh or Cry........... All they wanted was some beer

Source:BBC News

India elephant tramples villagers

An elephant has trampled three people to death and wounded seven others in a village in north-eastern India, reports from the region say.

The animal was searching for home-made rice beer and went on a rampage, tearing apart huts, a wildlife official in Assam state said.

Elephants are known to have developed a taste for the rice beer brewed by tribal communities in north-east India.

At least 150 people have been killed by elephants in Assam since 1999.


Wildlife official M Rahman told the AFP news agency that the elephant strayed from a herd in the jungle and ransacked the Dalokgarupara village on Sunday morning in search of rice beer.

"The elephant went on a rampage tearing apart huts and then attacked sleeping villagers killing three and seriously injuring seven more," Mr Rahman said.

Reports say that elephants have attacked villages in several parts of the state in the past two weeks.

Lecturer Kushal Konwar Sharma, an expert on Assam's elephants, said these animals frequently consume rice beer.

"For a stiff drink, elephants would blast through walls... they go berserk, at times plundering granaries and tearing apart huts, besides inflicting fatal attacks on human beings," he told AFP.

Assam Forest Minister Pradyut Bordoloi said that the elephants were straying into villages because of the "wanton destruction of forest cover".

This fierce conflict between man and beast had also led to the killing of about 200 elephants by angry villagers in Assam in the past five years.

Assam has more than half of India's 10,000-strong elephant population

March 18th, 2005  
March 18th, 2005  
A Can of Man
It's the Elephant version of Beer Belly Bob
Elephants Goes on Rampage for Beer
March 21st, 2005  
Charge 7
Why not just give them the beer and let them go sleep it off someplace? I can see commercials being made from this one.

Scene: a quiet sleepy village.

Suddenly a loud thundering of trumpets and the camera is blotted out by a stampeding herd of elephants. Next shot has a scene of Jumbo holding high a bottle of "X brand beer" in his trunk while flapping his ears and trumpeting wildly.

Caption: "It really does have to be X brand!"
March 22nd, 2005  
Jokes apart, just imagine the terror the people would have gone through

This is what happens when some ignorant ppl build houses in a wildlife reserve inspite of several warnings from officials