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September 9th, 2011  
Comparing the two could be a tough task, there's plenty of if's and but's there...

At first glance the Israeli navy is outnumbered by the Egyptian armada, but then you notice that the Israeli navy is modern and high-tech, while the Egyptian is....well say the least.

If we compare the number of larger (relatively) surface vessels the numbers are in Egyptian favour, but the Israelis are top and up to date, the question here is rather if thecnical superiority can manage the Egyptian numbers.
Possibly, but not without losses, and Israel can't afford many of those.

When we look at the number of small surface vessels the Israelis is the winner when it comes to numbers, the Egyptians have the upper hand in fire-power, but the Israelis have more speed and agility on their part.
But the Israeli patrolboats are generally smaller and carry light armament, probably intended for intercepting smugglers and raiding terrorist parties in shallow waters, and not engaging actual navy vessels in open waters.

Submarines....the Israelis have 3 top modern subs equipped to do almost anything modern naval warfare could ask for, while the Egyptians have 4 relics of the ageing Romeo class, museum pices actually.

That is untill you notice that the mine laying capability of the Romeo class is sufficient to pose a serious threat to any adversary with a limited access to harbours and naval bases....and the amount of mine warfare vessels suggests that the Egyptians has taken mine warfare under serious consideration.
And they do have more anti-sub capability than one would expect in those waters, no wonder really as the Israeli subs are capable of wreaking havoc on an unexpecting fleet in almost Biblical scale.

So I'd say yes, the Egyptian navy could pose a serious threat to the Israeli navy and the Israeli coastline as a whole, if we totally disregard the question about air-superiority.

If desperate enough the Egyptians could simply swarm Israely waters with a number of targets that Israel can't cope with, and thus effectively block the Israeli access to the sea.
A risky move, but given the prospects of such a blockade it could rally the parts to the negotiation table pretty fast.
September 9th, 2011  
Oh, we should not forget that the Egyptian navy had some rather high-tech equipment back in the old days too.

During this incident:

It appears that the Egyptian navy actually had some early type of stealth-ship operating in those waters, it was capable of altering the vessels appearance and trick the Israelis into attacking another (US) vessel instead.

I'm talking about the El Quseir:

The fact that the El Quseir even managed to make it look like the vessel was still moored in Port Said with a machine failure goes to prove how efficient this tactic was...
September 9th, 2011  
84RFK thanks for getting us on topic again and ill work on gettin some info on wat my nation's navy has
September 9th, 2011  

Topic: this is wat my country's navy has

The current fleet
See: List of ships of the Egyptian Navy for detailed information about modifications, and major specifications
The Egyptian Navy (EN) currently consists of 221 ships and craft: [3]
[edit] Submarine force
  • 4 Improved Romeo class submarines, armed with encapsulated Harpoon (Sub-Harpoon capable); modernized with new sonar, air conditioning and radar systems.
[edit] Surface combatant force

[edit] Guided missile frigates
[edit] General purpose & ASW frigates
[edit] Missile corvettes
[edit] Littoral warfare force

[edit] Large fast attack crafts missile
[edit] Coastal fast attack crafts missile
[edit] ASW coastal patrol boats
[edit] Coastal patrol boats
[edit] Amphibious forces
[edit] Mine countermeasures vessels
  • 6 T43 Fleet Minesweepers (MSFs)
  • 4 Yurka Fleet Minesweepers (MSFs)
  • 2 Osprey Coastal Mine Hunters (MHCs)
  • 3 Swiftships Coastal Mine Hunters (MHCs)
  • 2 Swiftships Inshore Route Survey Vessels (MSIs)
  • 4 Tuima class, converted to Minelayer boats (MLC) [8]
  • 3 Pluto Plus Underwater Unmanned Vehicles (UUVs) ordered at a 2009 cost of $10.6 million for Egyptian Mine Hunters. (Manufacturer: The Columbia Group)[9]
  • 4 swiftships inshore run missile (MSIs)
[edit] Auxiliary ships
  • 6 Okhtenskiy Ocean Tug
  • 8 Toplivo II Coastal Tankers
  • 1 Replenishment oiler A230 Shalatein (formerly FGS Glücksburg of the German navy)
[edit] Training ships
[edit] Ceremonial and historical ships
  • 1 El Horeya Yacht
  • 1 El Quosseir Yacht
[edit] The Egyptian Coast Guard

The Egyptian Coast Guard is responsible for the onshore protection of public installations near the coast and the patrol of coastal waters to prevent smuggling. Currently consists of one hundred five ships and craft.
[edit] Patrol boats
  • 21 Timsah class
  • 9 Swiftships class
[edit] Patrol crafts
  • 9 Type 83 class
  • 6 Crestitalia class
  • 12 Spectre class
  • 12 Petersen class
  • 5 Nisr class
  • 29 DC class
[edit] Weaponry

[edit] Ship to ship/surface missiles
  • HY-1 with 85 km range and 513 kg payload (launched from Hegu class Coastal FAC/M).
  • Harpoon with more than 124 km range and 220 kg payload (launched from Ambassador class FPB/M, Knox class frigates, Oliver Hazard Perry class frigates & Discubierta class light frigates).
  • Exocet (MM-38) with 65 km range and 165 kg payload (launched from Tiger class FPB/M).
  • Otomat Mk1 with 80 km range and 210 kg payload (launched from Ramadan class FPB/M).
  • SS-N-2a Styx with 43 km range and 513 kg payload (launched from OSA I & October class FAC/M).
[edit] Surface to ship/surface missile (coastal defence)
  • FL-1 with 150 km range and 513 kg payload.
  • KSR-2 (AS-5 "Kelt") with 200 km range and 1000 kg payload. (Modified from air launched version)
  • Otomat MkII with 180 km+ range and 210 kg payload.
  • Exocet (MM-40 MK III) with 180 km range and 165 kg payload.
source : i couldnt post the detailed list because it said the post ha too many characters.
September 9th, 2011  
i am no navy expert so can someone who knows more about naval vessels judge the navy
September 10th, 2011  
Originally Posted by O.W.E.G.
i am no navy expert so can someone who knows more about naval vessels judge the navy
I'm no navy expert either, my task was just to sink them, but I gave it a try.

The Israeli navy have the upper hand when it comes to high-tech and EW.
The Egyptian navy have the numbers on their side.

That's about all I can say about that subject.
September 12th, 2011  

Topic: Re: egyptian navy V.S. its israeli counter part

It all goes back to training and support. In the past, Egypt and Syria have used Soviet supplied equipment, which was designed for the Soviet Union. There virtually no changes in the equipment for the purposes of Egypt or Syria. Training was held to a minimum and in combat this was reflected in the combat performance. Now Israel was quite different in the ships and patrol boats were designed with significant Israel's input.
Eilat was sunk by Egyptian Navy Komar Class missile boats on October 21, 1967 off Port Said. the Sinai by two Styx missiles launched by Egyptian missile boats. Egyptian forces regularly received information from the naval leadership of Port Said about the movements of the destroyer. The Israeli destroyer INS Eilat (formerly the HMS Zealou, a Z-class destroyer). It was a capable destroyer for WW-2 but, not for dealing with anti-ship missile war fair.
Eilat was sunk by Egyptian Navy Komar Class missile boats on October 21, 1967 off Port Said in the Sinai by two Komar missile patrol boats firing four Styx missiles. Egyptian forces regularly received information from the naval leadership of Port Said about the movements of the destroyer. Three of the missiles hit the INS Eilat sinking her quickly. The fourth missile hit the water near where the Eilat sunk, killing many survivors in the water.
This event sent shock waves around the world to all navies, especially NATO! Are all capital ships now worthless? The response by the Israeli Navy was rather unique. It designed different types of chaff, one included unguided rockets the flew a straight path all the while dropping bundles of chaff. Two rockets would fly down both sides of the incoming anti-ship missile. This forced the missile to only be able to be guided down the path outlined by the chaff missiles. Meanwhile the Israeli patrol boat had moved to a safe position. This served the Israeli Navy well in the War of Yom Kippur.
The another thing the Israeli Navy did was to develop its own anti-ship missile -the Gabriel missile. While the Styx Missile had greater range than the Gabriel Missile, Egyptian boats did not have any sort of protection, chaff, radar jamming. etc. So, the Israeli Navy used several forms ECM, having several Styx missiles shot at the but missed unit the Israeli patrol boats got within range of the Gabriel Missile then, launched and destroying most of the Egyptian and Syrian patrol boats.
The Sa'ar 3 Israeli patrol boat used its Oto Melara 76mm gun to shoot down an incoming missile at 9,000m!

It ought to be interesting now that Egypt is using non-Russian equipment.
September 12th, 2011  
russian equipment is supposed to be ammassed in huge numbers but a country like mine didnt have a stable economy at the time so we couldnt afford to use it the way the russians did but now our equipment is much more advanced than before (compared to israel's and ours at the time of the yom kippur war) and now we have more we just need a navy expert to rate both of em and say who's better
September 13th, 2011  
An expert on naval warfare could come up with an analyse on the subject, but it would still be much like comparing apples and bananas.
It depends too much upon what specific doctrine the said naval forces are meant to operate under.

The strongest naval force doesn't have to be the one with the greatest offensive capability, and vise versa.
August 27th, 2012  
Originally Posted by counteril
learn the history, israel against: and we win you totaly. ( ) forget the history little kid :{ ?
I wonder why you failed to mention that Egypt specifically had a very corrupt military command and the war on the Egyptian front was basically a hot pursuit of Israelis chasing retreating Egyptians who had no retreat plan and literally some of their tanks actually starting smashing into each-others. But, congratulations for your victory on the 1967 war. Also hard-luck on your defeat in the 1973 war.

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