May 25th, 2005  


My school is going to be hosting a drill competition next year and I was wondering what would you like to see that would make our competition better than others and really stand out. ex. kinds of food. t-shirts...anything is appreciated
June 27th, 2005  
Have like banners and stations for different teams whereever this event will be held as in liek the gym. Have different set up locations, have food especially water and beverages. Give like meal tickets or something to those on the drill team who will attending it, and charge the other people for the meals or food that they are buying. Have things set up to show what drill team is and what this competition is to have others who aren't part of it able to understand it and follow along with the competition. whats really cool is if you got your parents or little brothers/sisters to wear a t-shirt with your school name on it. this gets alot of people motivated and pumped up for the competition, and it helps alot of the support level for your team!! Good luck