Does anyone know this badge?

August 31st, 2005  

Topic: Does anyone know this badge?

Hello ALL!!

I'm hoping some-one around here may be able to help me with some back-ground info for a badge I have!!
There are several kind folk on other sites that have tried.....but, we've all drawn blanks!!

The badge is cast in white metal, but, the eagle is coloured gold...she measures 7.5cm tall by 5.2cm at the widest!!

I know that Vogelsang was an academy/training school built just before the war and they trained Junkers crew etc.....but, after the war the Belgians took it over.

As you can see there are areas of resemblance to some Luftwaffe/Panzer etc badges.....laurel up the left, oak up the right, eagle, I'm assuming the badge IS German....though it is just a logical guess nothing more!!

As I say - I know all about Vogelsang and it's history....that's not what I'm after!! It's the badge itself.....I, and all others that have offered me assistance can find absolutely NO reference to the badge anywhere!!

Please...does anyone have any ideas.....even just some new pointers on where to look would be great!!

I sent photo's etc to the Imperial War Museum a while ago...but, have heard nothing back from them yet!!

Thank you so much for your time!!
September 1st, 2005  
Here are two threads where I suspect the same badge was discussed:

They lean to something post war in the two threads.
September 1st, 2005  
At last!!!

Arclight that is the first reference to the badge I've seen anywhere!!

The Training Staff idea sounds like the most probable so far!!

Right...I'm off to play with me Google...again!!

At last I have something to start from!! Thank you so much!! I owe you a pint!!
September 1st, 2005  
Might even be a good idea to post in those forums about the badge, since those threads are more than a year old. Only reason I am saying this, is because there didn't seem to be a definte answer. Knowing the people on those forums, they could probably give you answer.
September 3rd, 2005  
Wierd looks russian