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April 9th, 2009  
Originally Posted by AB_Shorts_Momma
I'm looking for the words to a jodie call my daughter was doing during her basic training at Lackland AFB. I'm sure my spelling is incorrect, so please forgive my ignorance. The basic story line of the jodie was a trainee went to town on leave, got a girl pregnant, and then the baby came singing "hoohah I wanna hurt somebody, hoohah I wanna kill somebody"

Probably "Sally" I've heard it in the Corps and the Army.

Momma told Sally not to go downtown

To many Jarheads/Rangers/Tankers/Grunts
Hangin around.

That little girl she disobeyed
She went out and got her self laid

1 month later all was well

3 months later beginning to swell

9 months later out it came.

A lil' baby Jarhead/Ranger/Tanker/ Grunt (WHATEVER)
swingin a chain.

Singin I wanna be a Recon Jarhead/ Airborne Ranger/ (whatever)
April 13th, 2009  
A Can of Man
That one is pretty awesome.