Does any1 know any good airborne cadence

February 19th, 2009  

Topic: Does any1 know any good airborne cadence

Hey, does any1 know any good airborne cadence?
February 19th, 2009  
Have you searched through the Jody Calls here? I know the most active thread was called Blood upon the risers, that the 82 Airborn Chior sings.

If you've searched here, you might also try Wikipedia and Google...
February 6th, 2010  

Topic: Airborne Daddy

C-130 rolling down the strip
Airborne daddy gonna take a little trip
Jump up buckle up shuffle to the door
Jump right out and count to four.

If that chute don't open wide
I've got another one by my side
And if that chute don't open well/round
I'll be the first jumper into hell/on the ground

If I die in the combat zone
Box me up and ship me home
Tell my girl/wife I did my best.
Bury me in a leaning rest.

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