DOD Shinseki's, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz flawed paradigm

October 27th, 2004  

Topic: DOD Shinseki's, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz flawed paradigm

The problem is DOD has a new Mantra "do more with less" at the expense of American Lives.

senior U.S. military leaders who ride around in staff cars a lot surrounded by yes-men staffs and spend little unscripted time with the troops and want everyone to stay in their social and battlefield "place".

War and Anti-War : Making Sense of Today's Global Chaos
by Alvin Toffler, Heidi Adelaide Toffler

The book is very popular among REMF's in DOD. They know what it means. This book is dangerous, and actually captures the root of the problem. How the "Do More With Less" Mantra Kills American Soldiers.
Rumsfeld & Shinseki's Initiatives flawed, include the Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz

Tofflerians actually think "we can do more with less", this mantra enables them to skimp on Army ground maneuver/protection via rubber-tired wheeled vehicles.

Wolfowitz's & his DoD team refuses to admit their philosophy of war is a failure and to adapt is by definition hypocrisy.

From a Vietnam Vet, 1SG (retired) The CAV

Shawn Stanfill