DoD Looking To Fill 10,000 Civilian Jobs

DoD Looking To Fill 10,000 Civilian Jobs
March 23rd, 2009  
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Topic: DoD Looking To Fill 10,000 Civilian Jobs

DoD Looking To Fill 10,000 Civilian Jobs
March 20, 2009

The Situation Room (CNN), 4:00 PM
WOLF BLITZER: Here in the Washington, D.C. area there are thousands of job openings right now with the U.S. Defense Department and people are actually lining up to try to get those jobs. Let's go to our Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr. I take it Barbara these are civilian jobs.
BARBARA STARR, CNN PENTAGON CORRESPONDENT: Absolutely right Wolf. Earlier this week, we went to a job fair. A lot of folks lining up in very modest circumstances looking for those magic words, you're hired.
(BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) STARR: A cold day and a long line at this Washington, D.C. job fair. Thousands waiting for hours outside the football stadium. When the gates finally open, it's a rush up the escalator to meet with about 50 potential employers. One of the biggest opportunities here may be finding a civilian job with the Pentagon.
AZITA SASS, JOB SEEKER: I thought that would be a good opportunity.
STARR: Azita's background is in purchasing and logistics. We met up with he while she was talking to the Navy about a job. But the Army and Marines are here as well.
JOE MAYER, U.S. NAVY: We have some positions right now we're trying to fill in the Washington, D.C. area for highly qualified individuals.
STARR: In fact, the Defense Department now has about 10,000 civilian job openings. Defense Secretary Robert Gates says the department has a real economic impact.
DEFENSE SECRETARY GATES: It's not irrelevant the Defense Department employs almost 3 million people.
STARR: Michelle Davis laid off from a publishing job also seeks employment opportunities in government.
MICHELLE DAVIS, JOB SEEKER: The deal of it is you're not hearing about layoffs with the government jobs.
STARR: Azita is continuing her job search hoping the federal government finally may come through.
SASS: It's hard all over the United States but I think in Washington, D.C. there is a better chance to find a career here because there are a lot of employers, government jobs, consulting companies. And I'm optimistic. (END OF VIDEOTAPE)
BLITZER: Barbara, how bad is unemployment for the veterans?
STARR: Well you know Wolf we've got some new numbers today. The kids coming back after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan are really suffering from a rising unemployment rate. Look at these numbers, Wolf. For last month, February of 09, an 11.2 percent unemployment rate for veterans. That compares to just the month before, 8.9 percent. This time last year, 7.0 percent. The overall unemployment rate just over 8 percent. So compared to the 11 you can see the people who are really hurting in this economy, the veterans just back from the war. Wolf?
BLITZER: We've got to help those guys. Thanks very much. The veterans need help, the men and women of the U.S. military.

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