the Dirty Dozen

November 26th, 2003  
Mark Conley

Topic: the Dirty Dozen

"Killin' generals could get to be a habit with me" Joseph T. Wladislaw: charles bronsans role

Major John Reisman: Which one of you guys wants to be a general?
Major John Reisman: Pinkley?
Pinkley: What kind of general, sir?
Major John Reisman: Just a plain, ordinary, every day, home-lovin' American general.
Pinkley: I'd rather be a civilian, sir.

Major John Reisman: What do you think, Sergeant?
Sergeant Clyde Bowren: I think you'll do just fine, sir.
Major John Reisman: [emphatically] I said what do you think?
Sergeant Clyde Bowren: I think the first chance one of those lovers gets, he's going to shoot the Major right in the head... sir.
November 26th, 2003  
A great classic movie!


I've had a lot to do lately, so I haven't had the time to make a War movies section yet, but I hope to get it done in a week or two..
January 9th, 2004  
That is like one of my all time favorite classic war movies. It doesn't get better than Lee Marvin (Maj. John Reisman) in the dirty dozen. He was a hardcore, hard chargin s.o.b. in that movie.

I also loved Telly Savalas' character (Archer J. Maggot), he played a pretty good crazy guy.

But it doesn't get anybetter that the scene where they are getting Donald Sutherland (Vernon L. Pinkley) to be a general. That was great!

January 15th, 2005  
yeah, It took me a time or two watching it before I liked the over all story, but I always liked the Maj. He was just too cool.

Maj: The southern gentleman had a problem with the dining arragements. He and the other fellas are dicussing the placement of the placard.
Sgt: So Corpal how about the dodegers? I always thought they had good hitters.

Maj: You can either march or I'll kick your brains in.
Fargo: ........???.....
Maj: What'd you see Sgt.?
Sgt: I saw the prisioner attack the Maj and the Maj was forced to defened himself. Very good Sgt.
January 19th, 2005  
:At the beginning after the MPs are calling out the numbers of the men:

Major Reisman: What's your name, soldier?
Soldier: Eleven

Now, I can't remember the soldier's name, even though I own the film, but I haven't watched it in a while, but it was the insubordinate one.

Struck me funny.
June 23rd, 2005  
Victor R. Franko, played to a 't' by John Cassavettes...
Remember when they sneaked the girls in?
Reisman to the Guard tower:
"Keep your eyes open and youyr mouth shut, Maggot! You're on guard duty!"
October 4th, 2005  
The Cooler King
Pinkley: Very pretty, General. Very pretty. But, can they fight?

Pinkley: Where are you from, son?
Soldier: Madison City, Missouri, sir!
Pinkley: Never heard of it.
October 4th, 2005  
Good quotes. Yeah that movie was a good one. The first time I watched was about 2 months ago. I loved it. 8)
October 8th, 2005  
Um what a classic, don't see many of those anymore