to you democrats and bush haters in general

March 12th, 2004  
army jrotc boy

Topic: to you democrats and bush haters in general

im still in lost with choosing a political party (heck im still 14 ><)

but this is a doctored version of the state of the union fun
even my bush loving civics teacher died laughing
March 27th, 2004  
ROFL! Thats is pretty funny. I like Bush. If i were you i would go more towards the Republican party ( Right ). They are few. But by far they have the most practical and best ways to run our country. They wont let it run into the ground like Kerry will. Kerry claimed himself a hero in Vietnam and got medals. When he got home he threw them away and protests the war saying a lot of the soldiers in Vietnam were rapists, evil men. Which im sure some of them were. SOME of them. But most of them were brave young men, drafted or not. They fought because they knew it was the only way to get home, either kill, or be killed. They endured shit like no other. And this idiot comes back home after saying hes an "American Hero" and protests the war, insulting the soldiers he "fought" with. The things people say about Bush that are leftist hippie comments are usually made up. No joke. Or are paraphrased from something completely different. Im not trying to bash them. They usually are. How in the hell would Bush no about 9/11 before it happened?! WHY in the hell would he attack HIS own country?! I think you just need to look at the facts more and decide if its true or if they are lies. But Bush is a moral, Christian, self- controlled person thats from Texas, where better to get a president from than good ol Texas?!
March 27th, 2004  
Why pander to a political party at all? One does not need to be Democrat or Republican to be a good American .. in fact, a good American will not tow a party line, they'll look at all of the candidates (be it local, state, or POTUS) and decide on the man (or woman) and not his/her affiliation with a party. On the whole, Democrats and Republicans do not care about you. You're the little guy, you don't make enough money to contribute large amounts to their campaigns. Sure, they want your vote, and sure they may try and keep you happy. But you are not their main concern. When you're old enough to vote, when you've done your research .. you can make a choice to become a Democrat or a Republican. If you have to ask someone what you should be, then you aren't ready. If you decide to remain neutral, and look at everyone with a fresh eye .. all you'll have to do is register for that particular party, vote for the candidate .. then go back to being an independent, or what have you.

Until then, read the news .. and not just one source, read several. Research the history of the parties. Research former Presidents, Senators and what their views were. You are young, and can't vote .. but that doesn't mean you cannot become informed. There are too many voting Americans that are spoon fed their information already, don't be one of those.
March 27th, 2004  
best advice: ALWAYS pick the best candidate for the job. Whether he or she is black, white, yellow or green with purple poka dots. Whether he or she is a democrat, republican, whig, or a know-nothinger; choose the best person for the position.
April 2nd, 2004  
As someone once said that if you're under 21 and you're not a Democrat, you have no heart. If you're over 21 and you find that you're still a Democrat, you have no brain.

I believe that was actually stolen from Churchill when he was talking about Socialists but it still applies.
April 2nd, 2004  
I think that if there was someone running on issues and had the financial backing of the other two candidates, the Republican and Democratic parties would be wiped out.
April 9th, 2004  
I am voting for for parties I vote for I believe in my mind answers the questions that I have been pondering and talks of issue's that concern me.......that is how it should be not voting just because of party affliations
April 10th, 2004  
That someone was Winston Churchill.
I'm voting Kerry, even though I believe he'll lose (is HE the best the Democratic party can produce? Sheesh!) More importantly, I'm voting Democrat across the board to break up the monopoly the Republicans have in the house/senate. I think toning down Bush's aggression a little, and making him accountable for his actions to someone who won't kiss his arse, might make him a tolerable president.
April 11th, 2004  
i agree for every republican term it takes 2 full democratic terms to pay off depts ...
April 11th, 2004  
It's nice to see how well educated you are on American politics.