This day in military history.. - Page 245

March 31st, 2014  
30 Mar
598 Siege of Tomis ends
1296 English sack Berwick-upon-Tweed
1865 Battle of Five Forks begins
1885 Panjdeh Incident
1942 U-585 sunk by mine off Norway. Japanese invade Christmas Island.
1943 U-416 sunk by mine off Bornholm, Denmark. Raised, repaired, returned to service.
1944 U-223 is sunk in a gun battle with Destroyers HMS Laforay, Blencartha and Hambledown, but manages to sink Laforey before going down north of Palermo. Repair Ships Akashi, Urakami Maru, Sub Chaser CH-6, Destroyer Tender Kamakaze Maru, Patrol Boat PB-31, Destroyer Wakatake bombed/sunk by US navy aircraft at Palau
1945 Frigate F-6, Minesweeper M-329, E Boat S-194, U-96 and 429 bombed/sunk at Wilhelmshafen, U-348, 1167, 350, and 2340 at Hamburg, and U-430 and 870 at Bremen. U-965 sunk by frigates HMS Conn and Rupert north of Scotland. Aux. Sub Chaser Shinan Maru sunk by B-25s off Yulin, Hainan.
1972 Easter Offensive begins
April 1st, 2014  
31 March
627 Siege of Medina begins
1899 Battle of Malolos
1921 Royal Australian Air Force est.
1941 Trawler HMS Lord Selborne sunk by mine off Spurn Head. Cruiser HMS Bonaventure sunk by Italian sub Ambra south of Crete. Italian sub Pier Capponi sunk by sub HMS Rorqual south of Stromboli
1943 Trawler HMS Caulonia wrecked off Rye Bay
1944 R.N. MTB 241 sunk by KM surface ships off Ilmuiden, Netherlands. Minelayer Nasami bombed/beached off Rabaul, scrapped 1969
1945 Sub I-8 sunk by Destroyers USS Morrison and Stockton, and sub Ha-60 bombed/sunk, both off Okinawa
April 1st, 2014  
1st April 1918
Royal Air Force formed from the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval Air Service.
April 2nd, 2014  
1 April
1572 Waterguzen capture Brielle
1924 Royal Canadian Air Force Est.
1941 Italian Cruiser Giovani delle Bande Nere sunk by sub HMS Urge off Stromboli. Italian Destroyer Leone runs aground off Massawa and is scuttled.
1942 Subs HMS P 36 and Pandora bombed/sunk at Malta by Italian aircraft. Trawler HMS Solomon sunk by mine off Cromer. Km Aux. sub Chaser UJ-1203 sunk by mine off Finland
1943 USN Patrol Boat YP-235 sunk by explosion in the Gulf of Mexico Italian Destroyer Lubiana lost off Tunisia
1945 Battle of Okinawa begins. U-747 and 1131 bombed/sunk at Hamburg.
1948 Berlin Airlift begins
2001 Chinese J-8 crashes after collieding with a USN EP-3 off Hainan
April 3rd, 2014  
2 Apr
1755 Siege of Suvarnadurg ends
1781 British Privateers Mars and Minerva captured by USS Alliance
1801 Battle of Copenhagen
1865 Siege of Petersburg ends. Richmond evacuated. Battle of Selma
1941 trawlers HMS Cramond Island and Fortuna bombed/sunk off St. Abb's Head
1942 U-124 sunk by Corvette HMS Stonecrop and Sloop HMS Black Swan west of Portugal.
1943 R.N. MTBs 63 and 64 sink each other in a collision off Benghazi. MTB 267 suffers weather damage and is scuttled between Benghazi and Malta
1944 U-360 sunk by Destroyer HMS Keppel south west of Bear Island
1945 U-321 sunk by RAF Wellington south west of Ireland. Frigate CD-186, Fast Transport T-17 and Landing Ship T-145 sunk by USN aircraft south west of Amami Oshima. High Speed Transport USS Dickerson and LST-884 damaged by Kamakazes, scuttled off Okinawa
1982 Falkland Islands War begins
April 7th, 2014  
April 6
46 B.C. Battle of Thapsus
402 Battle of Pollentia
1250 Battle of Fakiskur
1453 Siege of Constantinople begins
1779 British Privateer Hibernia captured by USS Queen of France off Cape Henry, Va
1812 Siege of Badajoz ends
1862 Battle of Shiloh begins
1865 Battle of Saylor's Creek
1911 Battle of Deciq
1917 US declares War on Germany
1938 1st flight P-39
1941 Germany invades Yugoslavia and Greece. Armed Merchant Cruiser HMS Cormorin burns/sinks in the Atlantic. Armed Yacht HMS Torrent bombed/sunk off Falmouth. Armed Yacht HMS Surf bombed/sunk at Piraeus.
1942 Destroyer HMS Havock wrecked off Tunisia. Sloop HNIS Indus bombed/sunk off Akyab, Burma. Tug HMS West Crocker bombed/sunk at Malta.
1943 U-632 sunk by RAF B-24 south west of Iceland
1942 Japanese invade Bouganville and the Admiralties, and capture Mandalay
1944 U-302 sunk by Frigate HMS Swale north west of The Azores
1945 Battle of Slater's Knoll ends( Frigates CD-1 and 134, and Destroyer Amatsukaze bombed/sunk by B-25s off Amoy. Sub RO-56 sunk by Destroyers USS Mertz and Monssen off Okinawa. Minesweeper W-9 damaged by sub USS Basugo and beached on Komodo Island. Destroyers USS Bush and Calhoun, High Speed Minesweeper USS Emmons sunk by Kamakazes off Okinawa.
April 9th, 2014  
April 8
876 Battle of Dayr al-Aqul
1232 Siege of Kaifeng begins
1740 Spanish Ship-of-the-Line Princesa captured by 3 R.N. ships off Cape Finesterre
1862 Battle of Island No. 10 ends
1863 Monitor USS Keokuk sinks off Charleston from battle damage
1864 Battle of Mansfield
1940 Destroyer HMS Glowworm sunk by Cruiser Adm. Hipper off Norway
1941 Italian Destroyer Vincenzio Giordano Orsini, Minelayer Ostia and MAS 204, 206, 210, 213, and 216 scuttled at Massawa
1942 Mooring Vessel HMS Moor bombed/sunk at Malta. Whalers HMS Svana and Torgrim bombed/sunk off Alexandria
1944 U-2 sunk in a collisiob with trawler Helmi Sohle off Pillau. U-962 sunk by Sloops HMS Crane and Cygnet.
1945 Seaplane Tenders Boelcke and Hans Albrecht Wedel, Aux. Franken, Sub Tender Wilhelm Bauer, U-2509, 2514 and 3512 all bombed/sunk. E Boats S-202 and 203 sink each other in a collision. S-223 sunk by mine. U-1001 sunk by HMS Byron and Fitzroy. U-774 sunk by HMS Bentinck and Calder north west of Ireland.
April 10th, 2014  
9 April
1241 Battle of Legnica
1288 naval Battle of Dominica
1864 Battle of Pleasant Hill
1865 Battle of Appomattox Courthouse. Army of Northern Virginia surrenders. Siege of Ft. McDermet and Ft. Blakely ends
1914 Mexican Revolution: 1st bombing attempt on ships by aircraft.
1917 Battle of Arras begins
1918 Battle of Estaires begins
1940 Germany invades Denmark and Norway, Cruiser Blucher shelled/torpedoed/sunk by shore batteries near Oslo. Karlsruhe damaged by sub HMS Truant and scuttled. R Boat R-17 sunk by Minelayer Raumuand and gunboat Olav Tryggvason. Destroyer AEger bombed/sunk at Stavenger. destroyer Tor scuttled at Fredrickstad, raised, repaired, put in KM service as Tiger. Coast Defence Vessels Norge and Eidsvold sunk by KM Destroyers at Narvik. Destroyer HMS Gurka bombed/sunk south east of Bergen
1941 Aux. Minesweeper HMS Marmion bombed/sunk, raised later and scrapped, and Examination Ship HMS D'Arcy Cooper bombed/sunk, both at Harwich
1942 Battle of Bataan ends. Aircraft Carrier HMS Hermes, Corvette HMS Hollyhock, and destroyer HMAS Vampire bombed/sunk off Ceylon. destroyer HMS Lance bombed/sunk at Malta, raised/scrapped. Tug USS Napa scuttled off Corregidor. PT-34 bombed/sunk in the Philippines. Soviet sub ShCh-421 damaged by mine, scuttled.
1943 Destroyer Isonami sunk by sub USS Tautog in the Banda Sea. U-733 sunk in a collision at Gotenhafen, raised, repaired, returned to service
1944 Sub Chaser USS SC-497 ran aground and sank in the New Hebrides. U-515 damaged by 4 US Destroyer Escorts, bombed/sunk by aircraft from USS Guadalcanal
1945 Battle of Konigsberg ends. Cruiser Adm. Scheer, Minesweeper M-19, U-3516 bombed/sunk at Keil. U-982 bombed/sunk at Hamburg. U-804 and 843 sunk by Mosquitos in the Kattegat. U-1065 sunk by Mosquitos in the Skaggerak. Minesweeper W-3 sunk by sub USS Parche off Japan.
2003 Allies capture Baghdad
April 10th, 2014  
10 April
1741 Battle of Molwitz
1862 Battle of Ft. Pulaski begins
1940 Destroyers Anton Schmitt sunk by HMS Hunter, and Wilhelm Heidkamp sunk by HMS Hardy, Hardy and Hunter also sunk, all off Narvik. KM Torpedo Boat Albatros wrecked near Oslo. Flackship V-705 sunk. V-1507 sunk by HMS Triton. Cruiser Konigsberg bombed/sunk at Bergen. HMS Tarpon sunk by Aux. Cruiser Schurbek in the Skaggerak. Sub HMS Thistle sunk by U-4 off Norway.
1942 Sub Tender USS Canopus scuttled off Bataan. Minesweeper USS Finch bombed, sinks the next day off Corregidor, raised, repaired, put in IJN service as Patrol Boat PB-103. Japanese invade Cebu.
1943 Italian Cruiser Trieste and MAS 501 and 503 bombed/sunk at La Maddelena, Sardinia
1944 Destroyer Escort Holder damaged beyond repair by aircraft off Algiers, hull section used to repair another ship. KM Minesweeper M-459 bombed/sunk off Estonia. U-68 sunk by aircraft from USS Guadalcanal north west of Madiera
1945 Cruiser Seydlitz scuttled, and Torpedo Boat T-1 bombed/sunk, at Kiel. T-13 bombed/sunk in the Kattegat. U-878 sunk by Destroyer HMS Vanquisher and Corvette HMS Tintagel Castle in the Bay of Biscay. R.N. MTB 710 sunk by mine off Zara, Italy.
1963 USS Thresher sinks during diving tests.
April 12th, 2014  
April 11
1241 Battle of Mohi
1512 Battle of Ravenna
1544 Battle of ceresole
1809 naval Battle of Basque Roads begins
1856 Battle of Rivas
1862 Battle of Ft. Pulaski ends
1863 Siege of Suffolk begins
1865 Battle of Spanish Fort, Ala. ends: Battery Huger and Battery Tracy evacuated/blown up.
1918 Battle of Missines ends. Battle of Estairs ends
1940 KM Patrol Boats Schiff 9 and Vp-105 sunk by mines off Bergen
1941 Boom Defence Vessel HMS Othello and Boom Tender HMS Yorkshire Bell sunk by mine at the entrance to the Humber
1942 Destroyer HMS Kingston bombed/wrecked in drydock at Malta. Trawler HMS St. Cathan and Dutch SS Hebe sink each other in a collision off South Carolina.
1943 Destroyer HMS Beverly sunk by U-188.
1944 Destroyer Akigumo sunk by USS Redfin in Moro Gulf. KM Gunnery Training ship Mars bombed/beached, and U-108 bombed/sunk, at Stettin
1945 Sub Chaser CH-7 and Net Layer Agata Maru bombed/sunk by RAF B-24s east of Car Nicobar. KM Minesweeper TS-10 bombed/sunk at Hela.
1952 Battle of Nanri Island begins