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December 20th, 2012  
Dec 20
Knights of Rhodes surrender Rhodes to Suliman the Magnificent & evacuate to Malta, becoming the Knights of Malta
1802 2nd Siege of Zaragoza begins
1862 Confederates capture the Union supply base at Holly Springs, Miss, with $1 million in supplies
1863 CSS Alabama visits Singapore
1939 Tug HMS Napia sunk with all hands by a mine in The Downs
1941 1st battle of the Flying Tigers, over Kunming, China. Destroyer HMS Kandahar, damaged by a mine the day before, sinks. Patrol Boat HMCS Adversus wrecked on McNutt Island, Shelburne, Nova Scotia
1942 Japan bombs Calcutta
1943 Destroyer Fuyo sunk by USS Puffer off Subic Bay. U-850 sunk by aircraft from USS Bogue west of Madeira
1944 LST-359 sunk by U-870 n.e. of the Azores.
1989 Operation Just Cause begins
1998 Operation Desert Fox ends
December 21st, 2012  
Dec 21
1598 Battle of Caralaba
1832 Battle of Konya
1864 Union troops occupy Savannah, Ironclad CSS Savannah destroyed to prevent capture.
1883 1st permanent units of the Canadian Army formed
1939 Boom Defence Vessel HMS Bayonet sunk by mine in the Firth of Forth
1940 Tug HMS Sun IX sank off of Sheerness
1940 U-567 sunk by Sloop HMS Deptford and Corvette HMS Samphire n.e. of the Azores. U-451 sunk by aSwordfish from Gibraltar off Tangier. Escort Carrier Audacity sunk by U-751 west of Cape Finisterre. River Gunboat Cicala bombed/sunk at Hong Kong. Dutch sub XVII sunk by mine off Tioman Island, Malaya.
1942 I-4 sunk by USS Seadragon in St. Georges Channel off New Ireland
1943 U-284 scuttled in the Atlantic after storm damage
1944 KM Sub Chaser UJ 1702 sunk by mine off the Feistein Lighthouse, Norway. USN LSTs 749 and 460 sunk by Kamakazes in the Sulu Sea
1988 Pan Am flight 103 blown up
December 22nd, 2012  
Dec 22
1790 Russia captures the Izmail Fortress
1930 1st flight Tupolev TB-3 bomber
1939 R.N. Trawler HMS Dromio sunk in collision with Italian merchant ship Valentino off Whitby
1940 Greece captures Himare, Albania. Destroyer HMS Hyperion damaged by a mine and scuttled off Pantellaria. Sub HMS H 31 foundered at Campbelltown, raised, repaired, returned to service. HMS MAC 7 sank at Portsmouth
1943 KM Cruiser Niobe, run aground on Silba Island on the 19th, is torpedoed by MTB 276 and 298 and abandond. Barrage/Gate vessel HMS BV 42 sunk by an explosion at Leith Docks, Edinburgh
1944 Torpedo Boat Chidori sunk by USS Tilefish wsw of Yokosuka
1964 1st flight SR-71
December 23rd, 2012  
Dec 23
962 Byzantines sack Aleppo
1793 Battle of Savenay
1864 1st Battle of Ft. Fisher begins
1916 Battle of Magdhaba
1936 1st flight Vickers Wellington
1939 R.N. Trawlers HMS Glen Albyn and Promotive sunk by mines in Loch Ewe.
1940 Destroyer HMS Warwick damaged by a mine and beached in Liverpool Bay, repaired and returned to service.Italian Torpedo Boat Fratelli Cairoli sunk by a mine off Misurata, Libya
1941 2nd Battle of wake Island: IJN Patrol Boats 32 and 33 are beached to land troops and are destroyed by 5" shore guns. U-79 sunk by Destroyers HMS Hasty and Hotspur off Bardia
1943 IJN Gunboat Nanyo bombed/sunk by B-25s off Foochow
1944 KM Minesweeper sunk by Norwiegan MTB 712 in Bomlafjorden
1968 USS Pueblo crew released by N. Korea
1979 Soviets occupy Kabul
December 25th, 2012  
Dec 24
1144 Siege of Edessa ends
1939 Repair Ship HMS Dolphin sunk by mine off Hartley
1940 Minesweeper HMS Mercury sunk by mine off of Ireland
1941 Japan captures Kuching. Destroyer Saguri sunk by Dutch sub K XVI with all hands, K XVI is sunk later that day by sub I-66. Corvette HMS Salvia sunk with all hands by U-568 west of Alexandria. The hulk of the discarded cruiser USS Rochester is sunk as a blockship at Subic Bay.
1943 British Seaplane Tender Duman is sunk by U-515 off Sassandra, Ivory Coast. Destroyer HMS Hurricane is torpedoed by U-415. Destroyer USS Leary sunk by U-275. U-645 sunk by Destroyer USS Schenk n.e. of The Azores. R.N. MTB 357, damaged by KM surface ships the day before, sinks in the North Sea.
1944 Minesweeper HMCS Clayoquet is sunk by U-806 off Halifax. Belgian Troopship Leopoldville sunk off Cherbourg by U-486, with a loss of 808, mostly US Army, of the 2374 on board. Soviet Patrol Craft MO-594 sunk by U-637 off Cape Pakri in the Baltic Sea. IJN Transport No. 8(Landing ship) sunk by Destroyer USS Case off Chichi Jima. IJN Transport No. 157 (LST) sunk by a USN Destroyer off Iwo Jima
1950 Hungnam evacuation ends
December 25th, 2012  
Dec 25
1553 Battle of Tucapel
1837 Battle of Lake Okeechobee
1939 R.N. Trawler HMS Loch Doon sunk by mine off Blyth
1941 Battle of Honk Kong ends, MTBs 7, 9, 10, 11, & 27 and Gunboat Robin scuttled to prevent capture. USS Seawolf, bombed/sunk at Cavite on the 10th, is blown up to prevent capture.
1942 Sub HMS P48 sunk by Italian Torpedo Boats Ardente and Ardito n.w. of Zembra, Tunisia
1943 R.N. Trawler HMS Kingston Beryl sunk with all hands by a mine n.w. of Islay, Scotland
1944 Frigate HMS Dakins damaged beyond repair by a mine off Ostend, used as a depot ship, scrapped after the War.
December 26th, 2012  
Dec 26
1793 Battle of Giesburg begins
1806 Battles of Pulusk & Golymin
1937 Chinese Seaplane Tender Zhenhai sunk as blockship at Tsingtao
1940 Minesweeper Attendance Craft(M.A.C.) 5 sunk by mine off Essex. R.N. Trawler HMS True Accord sunk in a collision in the North Sea off Happisburg
1941 KM Patrol Ship V-5904 Geier sunk by Destroyer HMS Ashanti in Vestfjord. IJN Minesweeper W 6 bombed/sunk by Dutch Army B-10s off Kuching, Sarawak. Soviet Patrol Boat CKA-034 sunk by Coast Artillery off Reed-Burun. Free French Naval Trawler Henriette sunk by mine off the Humber
1942 U-357 sunk by Destroyers HMS Hesperus and Vanessa n.w. of Ireland
1943 Marines land at Cape Glouchester, Destroyer USS Brownson bombed/sunk. KM Battleship Scharnhorst sunk off the North Cape by HMS Duke of York and Cruisers/destroyers.
1944 Patton reaches Bastogne. Siege of Budapest begins. Frigates HMS Capel sunk, and HMS Affleck damaged, by U-486 off Cherbourg, Affleck not repaired, converted to merchant ship post war. U-2342 sunk by mine off Swinemunde. IJN Destroyer Kiyoshimo sunk by PT 223 south of Manila after being bombed and damaged off Mindoro earlier in the day.
1972 S.A.C.'s biggest combat mission, 120 B-52s hit Hanoi.
December 27th, 2012  
Dec 27
1655 Siege of Jasna Gora ends
1793 Battle of Giesburg ends
1814 Battle of New Orleans: USS Carolina sunk with red hot shot by British field artillery in the Miss. river south of New Orleans
1922 IJN Carrier Hosho 1st Commisioned purpose built Carrier
1939 Battle of Kelja ends
1941 KM Patrol Ships V-5102 Donner, V-5108 Fohn, V-6114 Duivenland sunk by Destroyers HMS Chiddingford, Oribi, and Onslow at Maloy Island, Norway
1942 1st flight KI-67 Bomber. U-336 sunk by RAF Hudson in the Denmark Strait. Destroyer-Minesweeper USS Wasmuth is fatally damaged by 2 depth charges that go overboard & detonate wrecking her stern in a storm off the Aleutian Islands
1944 U-877 sunk by Corvette HMCS St. Thomas n.w. of the Azores. IJN Transport no. 7, a High Speed Transport, and Transport no. 132, an LST, are sunk off Iwo Jima by a USN Destroyer.
1979 Soviets invade Afghanistan
1996 Taliban capture Bagram Airbase
December 28th, 2012  
Dec 28
1862 Battle of Chicasaw Bayou begins
1905 Drydock "Dewey" leaves Maryland for the Philippines via the Suez Canal, arriving July 10, 1906. longest tow job in history.
1939 R.N. Trawler HMS Barbara Robertson sunk by U-30 n.w. of the Butts of Lewis, later in the day U-30 damages Battleship Batham.
1940 Destroyers HMS Norseman and Opportune bombed/damaged while under construction
1941 Damage Control Training ship USS DCH-1 scuttled between San Diego and Hawaii by Oiler USS Neches. Destroyer USS Peary bombed/damaged by RAAF Hudsons off Celebes. U-75 sunk by Destroyer HMS Kipling off Mersa Matrah.
1942 CAM ship SS Empire Shackleton damaged by U-225, damaged by U-123, finished off by U-435. Rescue Tug HMS St. Issey sunk by U-617 off Benghazi
1943 Battle of Otrona ends. KM Torpedo Boats T 25 and T 26, and Destroyer Z 27 sunk by Cruisers HMS Glasgow and Enterprise off Norway. Italian Sub Axum scuttled after grounding off Morea, Greece.
1944 IJN Refridgerated Food supply ship Nosaki sunk by sub USS Dace off Cape Varella. KM Tanker Holmengraa and U-735 bombed/sunk at Horten, Norway. USN LST 750 damaged by a Kamakaze off Los Negros, scuttled by USS Edwards
1982 Battleship New Jersey recommisioned
December 29th, 2012  
Dec 29
1778 British capture Savannah
1812 USS Constitution captures HMS Java
1813 British capture/burn Buffalo
1890 Battle of Wounded Knee
1934 Japan renounces the Washington and London Naval Treaties
1939 1st flight B-24.
1940 Italian Troopship SS Sardegac sunk by Greek sub Proteus, in turn is sunk by Italian Torpedo Boat Antares.
1941 Philippines Navy Presidentail Yacht BRO Banahaw bombed/sunk off Corrigidor. IJN sub RO-60 wrecked at Kwajalein. Soviet Patrol Boat CKA-056 sunk by mortar and field artillery at Feodosiya
1942 Destroyer-Minesweeper USS Wasmuth sinks from depth charge damage.
1943 Free French sub Protee sunk by German aircraft off La Ciotat.
1944 KN U Boat Tender Nordvard bombed/sunk off Moss, Norway. U-322 sunk by Frigate HMCS Calgary south of Weymouth. R.N. MTB 782 sunk by mine off the River Schelde. Soviet Minesweeper T 883 sunk with all hands by U-995 s.w. of Cape Svyatoj Nos.