This day in military history.. - Page 191

August 13th, 2012  
Aug 13
1704 Battle of Blenheim
1777 David Bushnell attempts to destroy HMS Cerebrus with a floating torpedo, a small boat nearby is destroyed instead.
1806 Battle of Misar begins
1846 US occupies Los Angeles
1898 sham Battle of Manila
1920 Battle of Warsaw begins
1937 Battle of Shanghai begins
1940 R.N. Trawler Elizabeth Angela bombed/sunk in The Downs
1941 KM E Boat sinks a Soviet Patrol Ship north of Tallinn
1942 Destroyer HMS Foresight torpedoed by Italian SM-79s, & Cruiser HMS Manchester torpedoed my Italian MTBs MS-16 & MS-22 west of Malta, both are scuttled. Sub HMS Unbroken damages Italian Cruisers Bolzano & Attendolo. Attack Transport USS John Penn bombed/sunk off Guadalcanal
1944 Sub USS Flier sunk by mine in Balabak Strait
2008 Russians occupy Gori
August 14th, 2012  
Aug 14
1385 Battle of Aljubarrota
1415 Battle of Ceuta
1592 naval Battle of Hansan Island
1598 Battle of the Yellow Ford
1813 HMS Pelican captures USS Argus
1897 French capture Anosimena, Madagascar
1900 Allies occupy Peking
1916 Romania declares War on Austria-Hungary
1937 Chinese Air Force fighters shoot down 6 Japanese bombers during an air raid.
1940 South Folkestone Lightship bombed/sunk
1943 Sub HMS Saracen damaged by Italian Corvettes Minerva & Euterpe, scuttled to prevent capture
1944 IJN LSV-129 sunk by USS Cod in South China Sea. US LST-921 sunk by U-764 in Bristol Channel
1974 Turkey invades Cyprus
August 15th, 2012  
Aug 15
636 Battle of Yarmouk begins
718 Siege of Constantinople lifted
778 Battle of Roncevaux Pass, the death of Roland
1057 Battle of Lumphanan
1281 Battle of Koan ends when a storm(Kamakaze) destroys the Mongol invasion fleet
1307 Knights of St. John capture Rhodes & change their name to Knights of Rhodes
1599 Battle of Curlew Pass
1695 French bombardment of Brussels ends
1760 Battle of Liegnitz
1812 Battle of Ft. Dearborn
1895 USS Texas, 1st US steel hulled Battleship, is Commissioned
1914 Russia invades East Prussia
1940 Greek Cruiser Elli sunk in port by Italian sub Delphino during peacetime.
1942 Soviet sub M 97 sunk by Finnish Patrol Boat VMV 5 in the Gulf of Finland.
1944 Allies invade southern France. US LST-282 sunk by German Glide Bomb off St. Tropez. naval Battle of Port Cros: Destroyer USS Somers sinks KM Corvette UJ-6081 Camoscio and Sloop SG-21 Amiral Senes.
R.N. ships sink KM Minesweeper M-385 & one other M/S, Flakship Richthofen, 1 merchant, 2 armed merchants & a tanker, and Torpedo Boat Elbing is damaged, off La Rochelle.
1945 Japan surrenders
August 16th, 2012  
Aug 16
1513 Battle of Guinegate
1777 Battle of Bennington
1780 Battle of Camden
1812 Ft. Detroit surrenders w/o a fight
1869 Battle of Acosta Nu
1870 Battle of Mars-La-Tour
1900 Battle of Elands River ends
1914 Battle of Cer begins
1940 Inspection Craft HMS Manx Lad & S.S. Meath are sunk by a mine detonated by Meath while being inspected
1942 Brazilian Troopship Baependy sunk by U-507 @ the mouth of Brazil's Real River
August 18th, 2012  
Aug 17
986 Battle of The Gate of Trajan
1862 US-Dakota War begins
1864 Battle of Gainesville, Fla
1914 Battle of Stalluponen
1941 Soviet Patrol Ship 80 sunk by E Boat S-58 off Tallinn
1942 USMC Makin Island Raid
1943 8th Air Force Schweinfurt-Regensburg Raids. Battle of Sicily ends. CAM ship S.S. Empire Stanley sunk by U-197 south of Madagascar
1944 naval Battle of La Ciotat: Destroyer USS Endicott sinks KM Corvette UJ-6082 Antilope & Armed Yacht Nimet Allah. Gunboats HMS Scarab & Aphis sink a merchant ship.
August 19th, 2012  
Aug 18
1864 2nd Battle of the Weldon RR begins
1870 Battle of Gravelotte
1941 Soviet Destroyer Statnyi sunk by mine in the Suur Strait
1943 US LST-396 sunk by an explosion off Vella Lavella
1944 IJN Cruiser Natori sunk by USS Hardhead east of Samar. Carrier Taiyo sunk by USS Rasher in South China Sea
1965 Operation Starlight begins
1966 Battle of Long Tan
August 19th, 2012  
Aug 19
1504 Battle of Knockdoe
1666 Terschelling Raid "Holmes' Bonfire"
1759 naval Battle of Lagos
1782 Battle of Blue Licks, Ky
1812 USS Constitution captures HMS Guerriere. A Hurricane wrecks the New Orleans Naval Station.
1940 1st flight B-25. Armed Merchant Cruiser HMS Corfu is grounded at Freetown, Siera Leone, after being damaged in a collision in the mid-Atlantic July 10. She is repaired & returned to service in 1941.
1941 British Troopship Aguila sunk by U-201. R.N. Trawler HMS Thorbryn & 3 barges bombed/sunk off Tobruk. Soviet Hospital Ship Sibir bombed/sunk in Gulf of Finland. Norwegian Destroyer Bath sunk by U-204 s.w. of Ireland
1942 Dieppe Raid: Destroyer HMS Berkeley & 33 landing craft lost.
1944 Paris Liberated. U-466 scuttled at Toulon
1945 Viet Minh occupy Hanoi
1967 Operation Coronado IV begins
1981 1st Gulf of Sidra Incident
2010 Operation Iraqi Freedom ends
August 20th, 2012  
Aug 20
636 Battle of Yarmouk ends
917 Battle of Achelous
1467 2nd Battle of Olmedo
1710 Battle of Saragossa
1794 Battle of Fallen Timbers
1914 Germans occupy Brussels
1940 R.N. Trawler HMS Resparko bombed/sunk in the Fal River at Falmouth. U-51 sunk by sub HMS Cachalot in the Bay of Biscay
1941 Italian Troopship Esperia sunk by sub HMS Unique off Tripoli. R.N. Trawler HMS Corinda cought on fire & sank off Freetown, Sierra Leone. Danish Naval Trawler Solarris sunk by mine off Iceland
1942 U-464 damaged by a US PBY Catalina & scuttled
1944 2nd Jassy-Kishinev Offensive begins. U-1229 sunk by aircraft from USS Bogue. U-9 sunk by Soviet aircraft at Constanta, Romania
August 21st, 2012  
Aug 21
1680 Pueblo Indians capture Santa Fe
1689 Battle of Dunkeld
1778 Siege of Pondicherry begins
1808 Battle of Vimeiro
1863 Lawrence, Ks Raid
1918 2nd Battle of the Somme begins
1942 Guadalcanal: Battle of the Tenaru
1944 Corvette HMS Alberni sunk by U-480 in the English Channel. Sloop HMS Kite sunk by U-344 in the Barents Sea. KM supply ship Hako scuttled at Bayonne
August 23rd, 2012  
Aug 22
851 Battle of Jengland
1138 Battle of The Standard
1485 Battle of Bosworth Field
1642 English Civil War begins
1711 A British expedition to capture Quebec ends disasteriously when 7 transports & a storeship run aground in the St. Lawrence River drowning 850 soldiers
1717 Spain invades Sardinia
1777 Siege of Ft. Stanwix ends
1940 Italian sub Iride & Depot Ship Monte Gargano sunk by Swordfish from HMS Eagle
1941 Netlayer HMS Tonbridge bombed/sunk off Great Yarmouth
1942 Brazil declares War on Germany & Italy. Destroyer USS Blue damaged by IJN Destroyer Kawakazi off Guadalcanal, & Destroyer USS Ingraham is sunk in collision with Oiler USS Chemung off Nova Scotia
1943 Soviet motorboats DB-36 & 37 shelled/sunk by U-24 in the Black Sea
1944 Soviets capture Romania. Frigate HMS Bickerton & Escort Carrier HMS Nabob are damaged by U-354 in the Barents Sea, Bickerton is scuttled. Minesweeper HMS Loyalty sunk by U-480 in the English Channel. IJN Escort Ships Hiburi & Matsuwa sunk by sub USS Harder off the Bataan Peninsula. Escort Ship Sado sunk by sub USS Haddo in Paluan Bay. HMS Mauritius, Iroquois & Ursa destroy a KM convoy consisting of Flackships V-717, 730, 702, 729, & 720 plus 3 Minesweepers