David Hicks vs Brian Corrigan

David Hicks vs Brian Corrigan
February 27th, 2007  
Mr KillKill

Topic: David Hicks vs Brian Corrigan

David Hicks vs Brian Corrigan
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Recently there has been the story of a Canadian woman who, with the help of five mercenaries, rescued her two children from her divorced Lebanese Australian husband. He had kidnapped them and taken them back to Lebanon because she had been awarded sole custody of her children.
The part that interested me the most was the fact that two of the mercenaries were arrested at the Beirut airport and are still in jail (to my understanding, still waiting trial), they are former Australian soldier Brian Corrigan and New Zealander Dave Pemberton. Remember these names as the media only mention them as an obligatory footnote to the Canadian woman’s story.
What ticks me off is the fact that while these two rot away almost unnoticed somewhere in a Beirut prison, David Hick’s name is plastered all over the Australian media as if he is the next Ned Kelly (another loser in Australian history).
Let’s take a look at the two, first you have David Hicks, he is a self confessed mercenary who after failing in his application to join the Australian military, ran off to Albania to join the Kosovo Liberation Army during Kosovo war. The war was pretty much over by the time he arrived and he saw no fighting he then went to Pakistan and finally Kandahar where he was apprehended along with many Taliban soldiers by U.S. forces at a Taliban training camp, whatever he was doing, you can bet it was neither in Australia’s best interest nor would it be as innocent as flogging off copies of Watchtower magazine.
And then you have Brian Corrigan and Dave Pemberton who were doing something far more noble by assisting a distraught mother regain her kidnapped children.
Why is the Australian media focused so heavily on a piece of garbage like Hicks while another Australian is being detained under similar conditions ie; both are mercenaries, both were apprehended by foreign forces and both are now held in foreign prisons.
Ask most Australians if they have heard of either Brian Corrigan or New Zealander Dave Pemberton and they wouldn’t know who you are talking about but ask abut David Hicks and it would be a different story

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