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Cutie Snakey..
February 9th, 2004  
Cutie Snakey..
The thing is, If they get a lot of attention they can die by stress.

they are night creatures, they hunt by night and move by night.

When day light they often hide because of their instinct to do so.

On daylight they can be seen by predators and enemies like humans and other animals wich can harm them in one or another way.

When it's night they can go by smell and hearing, as well as sight.

Snakes can easily get stressed out and rearely die by depression as far as I know of.

Maybe the terrarium was to small?

Maybe it didn't drink enough water?

Did it have fresh water?

Did it have somewhere to hide?

Did it get picked up to often?

How old was them?

I can ask you a thousands of questions.

But as I said, I don't know how the friend had the snakes and such.

and I definetly don't know how the snake looked like before they died.

So I am not a person who can actually make these judgements.

But these things is what I have studied and read since I was a kid.

Maybe it depends on what snake she had.

I am sorry to hear that the snakes died though.

They are one of the best creatures I know.