Couple of Questions

January 5th, 2005  

Topic: Couple of Questions

I'm from the UK, so people who have military experience here would be preferred, but any input would be appreciated;

What kind of age are most people who enlist in the military? I know that they can be almost any age, but most people I've seen have been from 18-26 , and I was wondering if anyone could narrow down the difference a bit.

What kind of fitness level would you reccomend for someone who wants to join up for the first time? I consider myself quite fit, I go to the gym every weekend jog every couple of days, and play sport on a regular basis.

January 5th, 2005  
Well, I think that the for the most part the average first timer is about 18-20. Usually it is people right out of high school. They are the ones lookin for college and things like that, the person that is 21 or so is usually lookin for valadation for their life. Kinda not doin much feelin down on themselves like they are goin no where doin nothin.

As far as physical shape goes, cardio is the best way to get yourself into shape for the service. Most of everything though is mental, if you can mentally accomplish it then the physical will be there.