Countries immigrantion matters -- PR, Green card.

January 6th, 2005  

Topic: Countries immigrantion matters -- PR, Green card.

So any one can give introduction about their country's immigrantion situation and the PR and green card application?

I would like to know more about Australian's one.
January 6th, 2005  
well, i personally immigrated to Canada, so i can tell u something about canada

there are i think 3 kinds of immigrants in Canada

1. immigrants who are highly educated, i think at least have univerity degree, this one is easy to apply and most of immigrants come canada by this way, this way is also cheap.

2. immigrants who promises canadian government that they will invest in canada when they came here, usually invest 50000 doller something i think

3. immigrants who already invested money to canadian government before they came to canada, this one is the most expensive yet they dont require any degree of education or speaking english, my family( mom , dad, me ) three person have to invest over 1 million canadian doller for 3 years to canada . we didn't do that , we just pay interests for bank about 200000 canadian doller and bank will invest the money for us. (who knows how Canadian government gonna manage our money and if we can get our moeny back in 3 years) , my mom and dad do knwo much of english , usually rich ppl in china chose this way to come canada, this way is pretty slow, usually take at least 2 years,
people usually apply through some companies who have lawyers to help them