Cooke Troughton Simms scope

September 16th, 2010  
Doug Lough

Topic: Cooke Troughton Simms scope

I have a CTS instrument flash spotting scope No.4 MKIII USM
I am trying to find out some info on it, can anyone help?
I have pictures but dont know how to insert them into this format
Doug 760-408-6858
September 17th, 2010  
Originally Posted by Doug Lough
I have pictures but dont know how to insert them into this format

You can check the FAQ here on how to attach/upload images to posts.
July 9th, 2015  
Remington 1858

Topic: Flash spotting telescope

I assume that you are talking about a telescope of the type used to spot the flash of enemy artillery in order to determine the location of the enemy battery. I'm sure it's a beautiful piece of high-tech optics if it's in good condition.
Normally flash spotting was only one of the techniques of locating enemy artillery. Flash spotting was used in conjunction with sound ranging, surveying ( observing and measuring enemy shell bursts) and other intelligence sources.
Today, radar performs many of the functions of locating the source of enemy artillery and mortar fire.
You are going to have to locate a military manual describing the use of that piece of equipment. It's a rather technical field and it won't be easy to find.
Otherwise you have a superb optical instrument for nature study.

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