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January 28th, 2006  
true. they partly abide by the convention in terms of dealing with the Allied POWs or citizens of the western european countries
January 28th, 2006  
January 28th, 2006  
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I deny this event because you admit for a fact without doing a verification tidy of nanjing.
I am not a specialist, and have the nature that denies the evil doing of a
Japanese army either.
However, this needs the objective survey.
I do not have will change this opinion until an objective investigation is done.

Member of objective investigation that I say
famous college professors are included in the investigation member.
Neither Chinese nor the Japanese are included in the member.
I also saw the photographs.
They are famous photographs.
However, when objectively seeing.
Those photographs do not pass as evidence.
The first photograph
Photograph where Japanese soldier has head
Do you know how heavy is head of human?
He picks up by the finger and has an ear.
Are you do pick up the watermelon by the finger and easily lifted?
Of course, I will not deny Nanjing by the reason why this photograph is a
However, China has refused a joint investigation with us.
China one-sidedly decides the Nanjing event and is putting it.
As Damien435 have stated, the Japanese to English conversion is befuddling. Your twisted and obscene observations to proove that the photo was doctored is disturbing.

There were investigations conducted by foreign nationals who witnessed the event. Including one German National who hid Chinese refugees into his home during the Japanese Occupation.

During the War Crime trials following the end of the war, reports of Japanese Soldiers conducting organized killings were evident and were immediately brought up against Mr. Tojo and his Military Staff. If you want to know more about this, do your research through a more reliable source. Not through a site that denies and rejects events such as the Holocaust, Nanjing, or any other atrocities.

You may continue to deny the events of Nanjing and call it "Chinese fabrications", but you and your people will have to remember this tragic event.

Me and my own people acknowledged the shameful history we ourselves experienced during the Second World War. And never again Germany want to repeat it once again.
January 28th, 2006  
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