Concerned about "ocd"

December 19th, 2012  

Topic: Concerned about "ocd"

I'm currently in the process of enlisting and I'm concerned about a medication that was prescribed to me. In 2010 i went to therapist for family counseling, she thought i might have had OCD (due to my organizational habits) and gave me a "provisional diagnosis". She prescribed me zoloft, and i NEVER took it. I only saw her three times, my recruiter wanted to see the records and make sure I as of now don't have ocd (I never thought i had it anyway). I meant with the therapist last week and she wrote me a beautiful letter outlining the "provisional diagnosis", and stated that i have no signs of mental illness. In addition, that i would make an excellent candidate for the Coast Guard. However, i am concerned because she does state in the letter i was put on zoloft for a short time (again never took it and only saw her 3 times). What she failed to mention in the letter was that i never took the medication. Should i be concerned? I feel that MEPS is going to deny me.

Here is the letter:

This is written to document that Mike (Not my real name) was seen today for a psychiatric/psychological evaluation to clear him for enlistment in the Coast Guard. Mike was seen in my office from 9/09 until 10/10 when he was discharged from treatment. At that time Mike was undergoing family stressers and given a provisional diagnosis of OCD because of the situational issues with his parents that made me upset and worried. He briefly was put on sertaline, but the most important component of treatment was family therapy and Mike moving out on his own and not being fully caught up in the family dynamics. Mike has done very well with work, school, relationships and taking care of all his needs since i last met him. His family situation is greatly improved. He is a calm, impressive young man without any psychiatric symptoms of mood disorder, anxiety or obsessiveness. He is focused and his career goal to serve is well thought out. It is my medical opinion that Mike is an excellent candidate for service in the Coast Guard and has no psychiatric issues as an adult. I do not believe he needs any further follow-up testing and wish him well in his upcoming recruitment.

*In the medical questionnaire my recruiter had me write that i never took the medication.*
December 20th, 2012  
I don't think so. I doubt temporarily taking Zoloft is going to disqualify you (even if you had taken it). I mean, you have a letter from the doctor you should be ok. I was denied enlistment for medical reasons until I got a doctor to write a letter for me. The MEPS doctors still didn't like it but they allowed me to enlist. Of course, that was during a time of military build-up, with the current downsizing they may be more selective. I really don't think they will deny you over this. Whenever you go to MEPS, let us know how it turns out.

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