Comparison of Chinese and American Aerial Assets - Page 4

August 10th, 2005  
jai yo means add gas, literally. again china has ICBM's and so does about 5 other countries. i do think the chinese has more than a thousand fighters. the air force base in shanghai and daichang have alot more than 500. and there r the air bases in guangzhou and other major cities. the chinese can build more figthters for a cheaper price than the like lockheed martin. its not even reasonable to compare us fighters to chinese fighters, with the F/A-22 its pointless. 4 or more squadrons of those will probably defeat the whole chinese air force. but then its equally unlikely to invade by land into china. china has a population of over 1.6 billion compared to the us of over 200 million. say 1/4 of the pop. of hte us is in armed services thats only 50 million. more than 40? million chinese r in the army. the numbers diminishing but if china was to draft, america would lose a land battle.
August 10th, 2005  
Originally Posted by Whispering Death
Well, by the time the Raptors get their numbers up the air superiority question becomes mute.
Don't you mean moot?