Commuinity college the way to go? - Page 2

June 1st, 2005  
Duty Honor Country
I know exactly what you mean when it comes to low scores. My SAT scores are a wopping 980. Without sports, I had littel chance of getting into college. When I took my enterence exams, I was on the left of the bell curve in EVERYTHING. I had to take sub freshman level math and english to make me more edumacated.

Coming from somone whos been there, your best bet is to take classes at a community college. The entry level classes are all the same and boring as hell. There is no need to spend thousands more at a school like UCLA when you can take them dirt cheap at a CC just down the road. The only catch is transfering credits. You MUST have good grades and the school you are tranfering to MUST have the exact course. Penn State accepted my 3 courses I took at a community school, but when I transfered my credits from Penn State to Austin Peay, I lost a few courses. Lucky, my military credits made up the difference.

The work you do at college is not bad as long as drinking and women do not take away from your studies. That is why my sorry with a 980 SAT got a 3.5 my first year at Penn State while my freinds who had 1300 and 1400 SAT score got 2. someings. Remember, go to all the classes. The teachers will notice who is there all the time. PLus they will tell you WHAT NOT TO STUDY for a test.

Any more questions?