Commandos...what are they?

April 30th, 2004  

Topic: Commandos...what are they?

Hey i just joined this forum and have a few questions. Im 15, i live in Canada and thinking about a career in the military.

First off, what is a "commando"? Ive heard it used alot and im not sure what it means. Can you guys tell me what they do and what the're training is like? Ive heard the name been used with reference to demolition and espionage but im not sure what they do exactly.

thanx in advance,
April 30th, 2004  
Actually, I think it is more of a British used term :

I don't know ALL the verbage of the USA military, but in the Navy or Coast Guard...the world isn't really used as a discription.

I may be wrong.....but I've not heard in used in general language. It seems to be more of a unit term than of an individual description.
April 30th, 2004  
Italian Guy
Just like Governor Arnold's movie.... Commando. Nice one. We use the word in Italy, it's supposed to be some sort of an elite squad. but don't have it in our military.