Come On, It's Been a While Since We've Bonded... - Page 2

June 4th, 2009  
1- What kind of cell phone do you have? some kind of sony ericsson

2- Do you have a fireplace? yes. four.

3- If you were to guess, how many pairs of shoes do you have? 6

4- Do you watch the news? Sometimes.

5- When was the last time you called the cops? long time ago. i lost all trust in them since them.

6- When you get your hair done how much does it cost? $0. i do it myself.

7- Do you get manicures & pedicures? nevar

8- Do you ever go to a spa for a massage? i want to, but i'm too poor

9- Do you enjoy gaming? YES!

10- What do you love the most about where you live? the ability to go and relieve stress via fighting, every night of the week.

11- The least? as above.

12- How often do you go to the zoo? Every couple of years or so.

13- Do you ever ride motorcycles? No.

14- Do you read a lot? Yes!

15- The next time you go out of your state where will you go? the lake district.

16- Will you vote for president this year?NEVAR! politicians, i hate them.

17- What's your favorite reality tv show? Hate 'em.

18- Have many miles are on your vehicle? i has no vehicle. a few hundred thousand on my legs, i'd think.

19- Have you ever seen a tornado?No. i'd love to though.

20- How many ppl have you talked to on the phone today?three,

21- What's your favorite piece of clothing? nothing (:

22- Did you cry when you watched "The Notebook"? what's "the notebook"?

23- Do you wax or pluck your eyebrows? nevar.

24- Do you use a straightener on your hair? rarely

25- Is there someone you want to talk to and clear things up or get things off your chest? Yes.

26- How old where you when you learned to swim? I don't remember a time when I didn't know how to swim....

27- How do you take your coffee? with coffee. more coffee.

28- What are your plans for the next holiday? what is this "planning" you speak of?

29- Do you own any land? No

30- Have you ever been hunting? No (unless girl hunting counts)

31- Do you have cable or satellite tv? Cabulz.

32- Do you have satellite radio? Niet

33- Do you know someone who is a know-it-all that is really an idiot full of crap? Yeah don't we all.

34- Can you cook from scratch? definitely.

35- Do you or have you ever had chickens? yus i has.

36- What flavor oatmeal do you like best? Porridge? it's food, ain't it? then i like it.

37- Have you ever ben bitten by a snake? No

38- Do you have an electric or gas stove? Gas

39- Can you do an handstand? Just because I can doesn't mean I should.

40- Who taught you to ride a bike? I don't remember.

41- What color is your livingroom furniture? furniture-coloured?

42- Do you have plants in your house? house is for people. outside is for plants.

43- Have you ever had a black dog? yea.

44- What is your favorite board/card game to play? none of 'em.

45- What is your favorite brand of jeans? if they fit, they'll do.

46- Is there anyone you haven't seen in a long time you would like to see? My girlfriend. it's been since sunday too long

47- What are your pet-peeves? Idiots.

48- Laptop/notebook or desktop? Desktop <3

49- Tattoos & piercings? i wants them

50- Do people like you? I would like to think that (: