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December 9th, 2004  
A Can of Man
Yes Doc. S. There must be something fundamentally wrong with our DESIGN and that will most likely lead to mutation. But remember that the catastrophe must be incredible and must last over several generations.
Evolution is the answer to a design failure, or a design gone obsolete. Either evolution takes place successfully and the former design become extinct or it'll lead directly to extinction.

I find the reason why people will not evolve now is that for every short coming, we're designing a machine or a tool that will do the evolving for us.

Group 1 gets from point A to point B in 5 days. Group 2 can top that by making that same trip in 3. Now in the natural world, Group 1 will start to starve and start dying out. Offsprings that can make the trip in 3 days or less will start to emerge from the population on a more regular basis as the parents with that ability will be the ones successfully raising children.
But in the human world... Group 1 invents a better vehicle to get from point A to point B. Or hires a company that can do it faster. Or hits an agreement with Group 2 to give other supplies in return for resources at point B.
Human tools evolve in the place of humans.

edit: not so much "lead to mutation" but usually slight differences are always present in the population. Now if only those with those slight differences could survive in the new situation, their offspring would further exaggerate these properties that make them more survivable. Over a few generations, the ones with these properties most exaggerated will dominate and eventually the genes will be far away enough from the original to make re-mixing impossible.