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December 6th, 2005  
Originally Posted by dragonfett
Well, I don't know about all that, but I had a friend who, while he was deployed, had gotten one from the base commander. The base commander had issued to the entire base that if, at any time, for any reason, some one did a coin check on the commander and the commander didn't have a coin, he would later receive a commander's coin. Well my buddy was on guard duty one day when he had to use the bathroom, which happened to be where the shower area was. As he was walking out of the stall, he noticed the commander just getting out of the shower w/ his towel and soap. So as the commander is walking by, he hears the sound of a coin being tapped against wood. he turns around to find my buddy tapping a coin on a near by bench. The commander said damn (or something like that), and later gave my buddy a commander's coin.
Damn, that's a pretty funny way to catch the Boss without this coin.
February 16th, 2009  
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