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July 26th, 2009  
Chris Warrick

Topic: Chris Warrick's The Lawless

Hey Gents,

Im just popping in to promote my debut Novel - The Lawless.

An epic tale of tragedy, betrayal and Vengeance beyond its meaning...

anyway for now, a short synopsis: and for all you yanks, regardless of the setting being in Belfast and Baghdad, some main characters are american.

When two men's destinies are set on a collision course after a harrowing chain of events, the consequences for all are Titanic. One, an inexperienced deep cover operative - the other, a man whose family is slaughtered before his very eyes. Driven far beyond humanity, they become men unrecognisable as human as madness and insanity engulfs them both in two very different worlds - Belfast and Baghdad.
McGrath, abandoned by his handler is left unsanctioned and unchecked deep undercover in the shadow world of Northern Ireland and the Black Seraphim.
Fontaine, surviving his own murder is forced to flee that world for another before he can even bury his wife and baby girl. A dark world he knows the Seraphim would not dare hunt him. Iraq - that is his world and they will leave him in it.
McGrath's hatred for his own abandonment is nothing compared to Fontaine's as his descent in madnes is rapid and terrifying. Operating as a controversial hired gun, the war he wages throughout Baghdad is nothing compared to the war that rages within.
Untreated, and self medicated, Fontaine's post traumatic stress disorder alters him beyond human. Groomed and indoctrinated by his own reflection, his demonic alter-ego plummets him endlessly from sanities crumbling edge.
Finally, smashing the mirror, his psychosis comes full circle releasing something indescribable within. Something not quite supernatural, but a monster none the less - a monster with one thing on its mind. Vengeance.

The troubles in Belfast may be over but the true face of terror has yet to come. Fontaine is coming and they shall tremble in awe.....

Thanks for reading. Follow me and Lawless updates on twitter, including book jacket, and also first 200 followers get the chance to purchase The Lawless press packs, Full glossy promo folders, including sample chapters and more...

So please guys/girls, check out the twitter page and spread the word, ,

official website online next month.


Keep low - move fast

Chris Warrick.
July 27th, 2009  
Active duty bodyguard in several branches huh?
Wow, that is one hell of a resumé.

Ok, maybe the world needs another PTSD driven superhero book.
What makes your book different then lets say the other british guys books?
I´m curious if it is based on something or just a novel grabbarsed out of thin air?

Good luck with the book launch.
July 27th, 2009  
Interesting....................................... ..............................
July 27th, 2009  
Chris Warrick
Yeah liking your sarcastic tone -

dont know why im explaining my profile, but it clearly amuses you. Active Duty, means still in Military (at reserve level)

several branches refers to units and regiments served in

and PSD bodyguard is how I earn my living.

Yep My book is the PTSD anti hero - diference is, its based on true events. I suffered severe ptsd operating in Northern Ireland, hence the plot.


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