Chinese/Pakistani Fighter

November 24th, 2006  

Topic: Chinese/Pakistani Fighter

I think it's called FC-1 or something.
AnyWay, how good is it can it stand up against the new moderN fighters later when the production starts?
November 25th, 2006  
What's a "moder" fighter??
November 28th, 2006  

"Revealed in 1995 as the successor of the cancelled Sino-US Super-7 project, FC-1 (Fighter China-1, max TO weight 12,104kg, max speed 1.8M, ceiling 18,000m, max weapon load 3,900kg, ferry range 3,000km, combat radius 1,200km, max g load +8.5) is being developed by CAC/611 Institute (with some technical assistance from Russian Mikoyan OKB) as a "medium tech", light weight fighter/ground attack aircraft carrying a relatively cheap price tag (~$20m). As a fighter designed for export, its main customer is expected to be Pakistan who also shares 50% of the total cost (around $150m). It may also compete with second-hand F-16s to seize the market created by the retirement of Mig-21s, Mirage III and F-5s. Powered by a Russian RD-93 turbofan (upgraded RD-33), it might also be powered by a locally produced WS-13 Taishan if it ever enters the service with PLAAF. Inflight refueling was also proposed."
December 2nd, 2006  
I must say, it really does look like a F-16! And I think it is built to resemble the Taiwan KC-1 and the Japanese version of the M-16 too.

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