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November 21st, 2004  

Topic: Chinese on the net

Alright, I always wondered what it would be like if during the Cuban Missle Crisis had internet exsisted, what would message boards like this of been like?

There are an increasing amount of Chinese on the net, and their a lot more cocky than thier Taoist/ Bhuddist heritage would suggest them to be... which is alright for me, since I am too. I was just wondering... what are the stereotypes for the Chinese. Lie, in America we say people with Blond hair are stupid but fun/sexy, people from the south stupid hillbillies, and people from California are all liberal crackbabies. Now, with globalization and American cultural being pretty prevalent, guy's running around with spears in Papua New Guinea know the typical American stereotypes.

However, with the seemingly weird, cryptic remains of Maoism and the language barrier, Americans don't know a thing about the Chinese. All I know is that a lot of northerners think that people down south in places like Ghangzhou are backwards people for eating dogs, and that they really hate the Japanese, as well as America... but have a strange facination for Micheal Jackson.

If your Chinese on these boards and choose to reply, I ask that you be really honest about this. What are the real everyday stereotypes in China? It's important stuff when a debate takes a swing and a remark comes out and leaves the American really complexed. I just don't want anyone to take offense to any of this stuff.
November 21st, 2004  
What are the real everyday stereotypes in China?
Is this the question?
If so, what does it mean?

Do you mean what Chinese ppl from "this" part of China think about other Chinese from "that" part of China?

Well I am ready to reply.