Changes on the forum..

Changes on the forum..
December 11th, 2003  

Topic: Changes on the forum..

Changes on the forum..
I know, There have been changes. And major ones in this Forum.

And I damn right love it.

It's looking good.

I have been away for a while.. Err.. Girls stuff.

Anyways.. I am back.. Missed me?

I am ready for some nice conversations.. Even though I am a bad discusser..

But it's nice to learn and read this forum.

And you guys have alot of good opinions..

It can get a little boring discussing military and politics with Swedish people.

They are so.. Uhm.. Serious and can't discuss like a normal people.

And the thing is, that I aint wrong about that part.

Well anyways, I love the discussions, and to read them.

Even though I dont always reply.

It's nice to be back online.
December 11th, 2003  
Hi there GhostWolf, and welcome back..

Of course we have missed you!
The forum needs a little "feminine" touch.... 8)
December 11th, 2003  
Roger that, welcome back, I go on spells where I don't reply or anything for awhile too haha.
Changes on the forum..
December 12th, 2003  
Yeah, Maybe it needs a feminine touch, But , Err, I aint that feminine.

Though, I can admit I have some traits left, and that I isn't that damaged from my friends wich is only boys.

But guys are the only ones who can discuss, women can't discuss.

And that is written in sience and common knowledge..

There isn't a better thing to have a boys night, and get invited as the only girl to drink, play poker and discuss women and cars.