cav trooper

cav trooper
January 25th, 2004  

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cav trooper
The cav trooper rode off in all directions at once, with a revolver in each hand and his sabre in the other.
January 25th, 2004  
Que?? 8)
January 26th, 2004  
Those kind of poems are funny.

A Poem Dedicated to the logic of Thomas Aquinas
by Carmen Chimento

(This poem was taught to me a long time ago by nobody, but her name escapes me.)

In the middle of the day, one dark night,
Identical twins, went out to fight.
One was black, the other was white,
Both their mothers, in a state of fright.

They faced each other, back to back,
Brother to brother, white and black.
"What shall we do?" cried each mother.
They drew their swords, and shot each other.

A deaf state trooper, heard the noise,
Shot and killed, the two dead boys.
Although deceased, the two boys sued.
The blind judge noticed, they were both subdued.

"The law's the law! You both must hang!"
"In the electric chair", the jury sang.
"We're sorry", cried the two dead boys.
"We thought the swords were just plain toys"

Their bodies did lay, side by side,
In unkown graves, marked "Hare Nor" "Hide"
You never knew which did the errands,
Identical twins, 'cept for their parents.

All old children, please beware,
Of killing dead boys, anywhere.
You must learn, that once you do,
They might come back, and then sue you.
cav trooper
January 19th, 2007  
January 23rd, 2007  
Team Infidel
Go Cav!
January 23rd, 2007  
Que pasa?!?
What gives!?!