November 4th, 2005  


OK, first off, hiya again to those i know, ive not been able to use the internet recently. And to those i dont know, hey and welcome. But now what im here for.. In a coupla months, prolly february, im gonna be moving to TX by my little self for a few months, and id like to liase with a CAP sqn. does anyone know where the nearest one to houston is? obv being an english air cadet im completely ignorant lol. Im writing to HQ to get me in contact with whoever your HQ is, but some inside knowlege would definately help. Does anyone know anything that might help me? We have publications called ACP's which include the drill manual, dress regulations etc which are all available on the internet, do you have such a thing?

Thanx, Jim x

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November 4th, 2005  
C/2nd Lt Robot There is a squadron finder in that website.